How much costs a Tmall store?

The Largest online retail platform in China:

Tmall is the B2C platform enabling companies and brands around the world to reach the vast Chinese consumer market. Tmall is considered the leader of the online retail service in China. Brands that currently have stored on include Philips, Lipton, New Balance, Umbro, Adidas, Nine West, ECCO, Ray-Ban, Watsons, Lenovo, etc. Unusual items are now becoming increasingly popular with Chinese buyers, such as luxury imported cars with 400% growth year after year, classic US foods and American cookies, baby formula made outside of China, apparel (Zara, Calvin Klein, Burberry), etc.

OK! For how much ?

The costs of Tmall can be divided into three categories:

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  • The deposit:

Used to reimburse customers if a vendor violates the “TMall Service Agreement“. In general, the deposit varies depending on the type of seller between 10,000 RMB and 300,000 RMB.

  • Annual Service Fee :

Payable annually, these fees also vary depending on the type of product (between 30,000 RMB and 60,000 RMB). To encourage salespeople to increase their sales, Tmall reimburses half of the entire annual service fee if vendors meet Tmall’s predefined sales targets for each product category.

  • 3/Commission fee:

For each sale transaction, Tmall reserves a commission fee which varies between 0.5% and 5%.

This is a table that contains all the information cited above in detail:


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    How work tmall advertising ? tmall global fees /tmall fulfillment

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