Louis Vuitton and its new WeChat mini-program

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Louis Vuitton et son nouveau mini-programme WeChat

Luxury brands continue to explore WeChat‘s many functions, from e-commerce to loyalty programs to Chatbot‘s capabilities, to engage with WeChat’s more than one billion users. While many brands create one-off mini-programs for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or local exhibitions and events; the famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton has put in place a strategic program to interact with local consumers on an individual basis.

1) What is a mini-program?

For several years now, smartphone users have not downloaded as many apps as they used to. It then became appropriate for Apple Store’s rival, Tencent, to invest in a new ecosystem of applications within its golden egg hen, WeChat.

As a result, China’s social platform has recently surpassed one billion daily active users and has developed a new feature of “mini-programs,” brand-focused applications.

A mini-program runs in WeChat and is smaller than a typical app that takes less than 10 megabytes. Also, these mini-programs are fast and can be developed at a lower cost.

2) Launch of Louis Vuitton’s mini-program

This new feature of mini-programs has therefore given rise to new strategies of online commerce, notably adopted by Rimowa, Burberry, and Balenciaga.

Moreover, Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular brands of Chinese Millennials, it made sense for it to experiment with this approach.

To promote the program, Louis Vuitton offered the first 2,000 users the opportunity to win a brand badge with winners that were announced in June 2019. At the time of publication, the message garnered 35,000 views and 72 likes.

Instead of creating a unique e-commerce chain, Louis Vuitton has created a mini-program with a set of specific functions – editorial content, retail stores, and customer service to complement a complete ecosystem, to customize their followers’ interests in a wider range of Louis Vuitton products and offerings.

3) How Louis Vuitton’s mini-program is organized

Launched on June 14, their latest mini-program is designed to inform consumers about the latest Louis Vuitton news and products. First announced on their WeChat account, once clicked, users are greeted by an avatar holding a Louis Vuitton bag and a poker card; a short introduction then explains what they can expect from this program.

By adding their name, date of birth, and phone number, they can download a phone wallpaper of the avatar covered with various Louis Vuitton logos, and preview the latest Louis Vuitton editorial content. Subscribers can read the content of articles published on a separate tab from the mini-program, called “The World of Louis Vuitton.”

a) Content of the first articles

So far, the brand has published four articles featuring various products in addition to handbags. In the first article, the brand explained the story of their signature monogram, while other items introduce products such as their waterproof travel luggage line, Horizon Soft; their jewelry line, Star Blossom, with monogram flowers and diamonds; and the popular men’s collection designed by designer Virgil Abloh.

b) Other features

At the end of the editorial tab, subscribers can access another stand-alone mini-program, including addresses, opening hours, and product categories from all LV retail stores.

Subscribers can also log into a real-time customer service mini-program, and by clicking on the “on me” tab, they can find key account information and instructions for subscribing to Louis Vuitton’s WeChat account.

c) Example of LV Trainers sneakers

The brand presented exclusively the line of LV Trainers sneakers created by Virgil Abloh. The mini-program gave access to the products, even before they were posted on the brand’s official website. It provided many details about the products and integrated a chat with consumers.


These mini-programs are therefore a considerable asset in a brand’s branding strategy. Indeed, mini-programs are faster and take up less space than the original application.

Also, the cost of creating a mini-program takes less time and money than a standard application.

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