Loewe, and the painted murals advertsing strategy in China

Loewe, a Spanish fashion house, is pioneering innovative advertising strategies by utilizing diverse mediums to create impactful campaigns in China.

Here are ten points highlighting Loewe’s approach in China, particularly with its “Howl’s Moving Castle” campaign:

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  1. Multi-Medium Strategy: Loewe employed both digital and traditional mediums, showcasing versatility in advertising.
  2. 3D Billboard in Chengdu: A major highlight was the 3D billboard inspired by “Howl’s Moving Castle”, an anime classic. This billboard stood out for its dynamic, eye-catching visuals, leveraging modern technology to captivate audiences.
  3. Hand-Painted Murals in London: Complementing their digital efforts, Loewe also engaged in traditional advertising with hand-painted murals. This contrasted with the high-tech approach in China, demonstrating a balanced strategy.
  4. Cultural Relevance: The campaign strived to be culturally relevant, integrating elements that resonate with both local and global audiences.
  5. Combating Consumer Fatigue: Loewe’s diverse advertising methods aimed to combat consumer advertising burnout, a significant challenge in the current market.
  6. Targeting Younger Generations: Their strategies were partly designed to capture the attention of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, demographics known for their fluctuating interests.
  7. Balancing Technology and Tradition: By balancing high-tech advertising like 3D billboards with traditional methods like mural painting, Loewe created a comprehensive and diverse advertising approach.
  8. Innovative Marketing in China: The use of advanced technology like 3D billboards in China indicates Loewe’s commitment to innovation in key markets.
  9. Critique of Gimmicky Tactics: Despite the innovation, there was some criticism about the gimmicky nature of high-tech advertisements potentially reinforcing consumer fatigue.
  10. Potential for ‘Wow’ Factor: The campaign’s use of cutting-edge technology, while risky, has the potential to leave a lasting impression on consumers, as seen in the successful engagement in Chengdu.

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