List of Consumer Electronics Distributors in China

consumer electronics market in china

So you have eyes on the growing electronics market but do not know how to start? First step is to find consumer electronics distributors in China, if you you are looking for ways expand your business here.

We can help you connect with Consumer Electronics Distributors in China!

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List of Consumer Electronics Distributors in China?

  1. Chinavasion dedicated to wholesale electronics gadgets
  2. Supermarket like Carrefour, Wall-Mart
  3. Wechat Resellers
  4. Specialized stores dedicated to Electronics only
  5. Small Local Stores
  6. Kiosk style stores type Watson Lawson
  7. Stands or events in Commercial Stores
  9. Online shopping websites
  11. Resellers of
  12. Brands official websites

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  • We will help you deal with communication and negotiation
  • We support you with Chinese market research to guide your decision-making process
  • Chinese translation services will be done by our team
  • Together we will build and develop connections with Chinese distributors
  • Exclusive distributor agreements can be done with our assistance
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consumer electronics market in china

Here is what you need to do if you aim to sell in China:

1-Localized your product for the Chinese market.

This could involve anything from étching your brand name in Mandarin characters on products to having a website with Chinese translations. Or hiring popular social media personalities that cater to Chinese audiences.

2-Find a Chinese partner /代理.

Many Chinese distributors prefer to deal with other Chinese firms. If you’re not Chinese, consider working with a firm that can serve as your go-between.

3-Your agent based in China is the key

Chinese distributors are in the business of selling products, not promoting brands. They’re not in charge of promoting them. Don’t expect them to market your products on your behalf. If you want to be successful in China, you will have to plan and create your marketing campaigns on your own

Distributors in Asia are responsive to brands that have a professional presence radiating with in China or south asia. Working with a marketing agency can help create the foundation for success.

Such as Chinese-tailored marketing materials and potential distributor relationships.

consumer electronics distributors in china

What are the key forces that will drive growth in the industry?

The following are the major drivers for future growth in the market: 

1- The expansion of 5G networks, which will be capable of transmitting huge amounts of data in real-time;

2- Developing ideas such as smart cities and networked devices interconnection

3- Virtual reality idea led by Metaverse, previously known as Facebook, promises to create a parallel universe 

4 -The gaming industry, which may integrate virtual reality technologies to offer gamers a gaming experience that allows them to combine the real and virtual.

The facts of Consumer Electronics Distributors and Market in China 

In 2022, China’s consumer electronics revenue is expected to total US$251.40 billion. The market is anticipated to rise by 1.88% each year through 2022-2027

Globally compared, in 2022, numbers reveal that the most revenue is generated in China which equals toUS$251.40bn

In 2019,  the consumer electronics market in China was worth 126 billion RMB. This includes sales of smartphones, tablets, Tvs, cameras, laptops, headphones. And many other small electronic equipment from kitchen appliances to tiny gadgets to smart home appliances.

China has made great efforts to digitize the nation, and these efforts have been quite successful so far. The Chinese market is now shaped by online users. 80% of the people who live in big cities use the internet daily, while this number is as high as 60% in rural areas.

By the end of 2022, it is expected that roughly 70% of the total revenue of the consumer electronics market in China will be made by online sales. Given the high degree of Chinese people’s penetration of electronic goods and the internet, first-time buyers are unlikely to be the driving force behind the demand in the future. Replacement demand, on the other hand, will be the main reason for the growth in the consumer electronics market in China.


If you’re looking to rapidly accelerate your business development and improve your chances of finding the right partners, investing in digital campaigns and practices is a great place to start. As GMA, we have many years of experience under our belt; we know the Chinese market inside out and can offer various services that will help take your brand to new heights.

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