Lead generation, 7 keys for success in China

How to generate thousands of prospect every month, and optimise your business process in China?

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In 2022, lead generation in China is based on 7 key principles

  1. Inbound Marketing
  2. Content : impact your clients
  3. Efficient Landing page to optimise conversion
  4. Online Ads : Baidu, Douyin
  5. Branding & E-Reputation : vital in China
  6. SEO : Baidu & Alibaba
  7. WeChat Nuturing

Lead generation: key sucess in china

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a way to promote your company in order to attract new customers to your website and thus, improve your amount of leads. Inbound marketing is understood as a way to bring new customers to you, and not your company looking for its new customers. Therefore, there are quite a few different ways that are included in inbound marketing. • China’s economy will overtake the US in 2018

Content Marketing: Improve your content

Nowadays in China, having good content is essential. Your content must really be proficient in order to stand out. You must have quality content. Therefore, you have to know what is quality content. This kind of content can either be some viral content, such as photos, videos, graphics, gifs, …

Chinese customers are very demanding. They want good quality content. So you must get some content that will interest them.

If you can bring up some storytelling about your brand or your company, it will always be a plus. Your customers will be more concerned about your brand if there is some emotion behind them.

White Book, Guide are necessary in China in 2022

Very efficient landing page

Having an efficient landing page is important to attract your clients in the B2B world. They just want to do business with you. They must have a good first impression of your company. Therefore, the design must be very clean and tidy, but also professional and smooth. You must be proficient in user experience. You can provide videos, photos, infographics, … There are many different ways to succeed in building a great landing page. Moreover, the loading of your landing pages must be very quick, otherwise, your clients will run away. There are often problems with the loading time when it comes to visiting a website in China. Landing page experts will help you to get things right, in order to have new incoming leads every day.

Here, Damac website is a very good example of a quality landing page you can ideally get. It is very efficient and attractive.

Online ads, invest and measure

There are many brands available on Baidu. Many of them spend an enormous amount of money in banner ads, but also on the PPC method, which stands for Pay Per Click. These methods will increase the stakes but also reduce the impact of this kind of campaign. Therefore, it is good to use them, but you must know how to handle them: when to start and when to stop. With these methods, you can also benefit from measuring tools to know if you do things right or not. Baidu specialized agencies will help you to control the cost and will make the best banners for your website. Get in touch with them!

Douyin (Tiktokp) in also a new way to target Clients

sell vitamins on douyin

Branding will bring you confidence

Branding is very important in terms of lead generation in China. Indeed, it will allow you to build your brand image and reinforce the characteristics of your brand. Then, you will be able to keep your price up (if it is the case) because your products will correspond to a trusted brand, a quality brand. Branding will bring you confidence. L’Occitane is proficient in branding, as they promote the fact they are around since 1976. It is also known that branding is what we call an ROI, Return On Investment. Branding brings you many more leads if you work efficiently on it!


SEO on Chinese search Engine

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to generate leads. SEO will allow your website to rank at the top of the searches if you do it right. SEO will be proficient especially on Baidu, but to do so, you will have to get your website content right, your articles must be very nicely written, you must get good titles too.

Actually, your main title is one of the most important things about SEO. It must attract your readers. You must work on it to make it great. Also, you have to provide some backlinks referring to some quality information websites. This will increase the trust rank of your website, and then, your readers will trust you. Also, you can choose to create partnerships with other reliable websites, in order to get even more backlinks referring to your websites. Your website must also be hosted in China to have the best loading performance.

SEO done in this way will get your website very trustworthy and reliable. Thus, leads will flow to you!

• How to be an SEO Champion of Baidu?

WeChat Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is very important when it comes to B2B. It allows you to keep in touch with your potential clients. These potential clients can often be serious clients, but they don’t have a budget for now for example. Therefore, you need to feed them with some information about your company. In this sense, it is important to use social networks. These networks will enable you to provide some newsletters or to send some interesting articles to them. WeChat is an excellent tool to manage lead nurturing. On the most famous Chinese social network, you can provide some interesting content to your potential customers. WeChat experts can help you to manage your lead nurturing in order for you to never lose any potential customers!

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