Why industrial companies in China can not neglect SEO

SEO plays an important role for industrial companies wanting to be part of the Chinese market.


because when a professional buyers need to buy something  he makes its RESEARCH 

Like everybody , he will search for information, suppliers and ask quotation 

Industrial companies have the chance to attract more customers using SEO strategies.

China has more than 400 million B2B active buyers actively looking for services and products online, especially through search engines. In contrast to most countries in the world, Baidu is the most popular search engine in China with approximately 70 percent of the overall search engine market in China in 2022-2023

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therefore companies must focus their SEO efforts on Baidu.

More than 90% of the traffic coming from search engines goes to the websites listed on the first page. That’s why SEO plays such a major role in the success of a company, contributing to high ranking in the search results.

For industrial companies that want to be successful in China, it is vital to appear on the first pages of search engines. The company’s visibility on internet is essential for this kind of companies.

Companies must have integrated SEO in their marketing strategy.

This is why:

Massive increase in Chinese netizens: they see you on Baidu : they trust you!

When Chinese users are seeking information in Baidu, they only visit the websites that appear on the first page of the search engine and they forget about the other results. Therefore is vital for companies ranking well on search engines with the purpose to be visible to customers and drive more traffic for the website.

The first step for companies which want to have internet presence in China is develop a Chinese website. Once the site has been created the second step is place it among the most popular search engines in China. However this is not enough, because in order to reach consumers, the website needs to be situated in the first pages of the search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important because it is the tool that allows companies to improve their rank on search engines.

Companies that are on the first page on Baidu are able to rapidly increase the amount of visitors to their websites.

Boost your sales:

When Chinese consumers are looking for products, most of the times they use Internet. Therefore, if companies want that shoppers are able to find their website and as a consequence buy their products, the website has to rank well in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

SEO will help you to improve your ranking, ensure that your website is placed in front of potential buyers who are searching for the products that you sell.

Increase sales. Chart with keywords and icons

Companies that include SEO strategies are able to increase their sales. Optimization of search engines is a powerful method to improve the site’s ability to sell in China. Through SEO, companies have the opportunity to attract consumers to their brand website or e-shop and transform those visits into sales.

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There are more methods to improve the companies’ presence on search engines but their cost is highest such as PPC on Baidu.

PPC (pay per click) is a method of paid advertising and companies pay when users click on the advert. Despite of that web’s positioning through PPC is faster than via SEO, the cost is much higher on the long run and therefore is only appropriate for short term.

On the other hand, SEO is an affordable tool and the results are much more cost-effective, which make it the most convenient method to long term strategies.

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Consumers will trust in your website:

SEO strategy is the process to obtain a natural (unpaid) placement on search engine result pages. These results are often referred to as “organic results”.

The reality is that users tend to trust more in the organic search results than they trust in the paid results. In addition, unpaid search results receive more clicks than paid ads.

There are some reasons why industrial companies in China can not neglect SEO in China such as the chance to increase the website traffic, improve their brand awareness and recognition and boost their sales.

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