How to Market Audio Equipment in China?

The market for audio equipment in China has been growing since the 2010s. Even with global events affecting many industries, its state speaks volumes about demand. It has been steadily growing by 1-3% each year, showing that the market will continue to bloom. As a 27-billion dollar industry, there is much space to flourish here.

This growth has taken the attention of many foreign countries. Evolving technology influenced the demand for smart devices and household audio equipment in China. People want to enjoy newer models, and many of these have specific devices compatible. It is why many sales continue, and growth doesn’t look to stop any time soon.

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China Audio Equipment Market Key Segment

Apart from marketing audio equipment, one way to take advantage of the market is to understand what items are selling right now. Not only that, but what are the trends that are emerging in these markets? Sometimes it takes something different to succeed. Maybe a company needs to take advantage of a gap in the market and capitalize on that. Data reveals much of this information.

Smart Speakers

It’s estimated that two out of every ten people in China are interested in smart speakers. Its integration with modern technology like smartphones makes it a common addition to most households. An estimated 60 million smart speakers will be produced and shipped in the country this coming year. 

audio equipement market in china

Most of these products reach global online marketplaces like Amazon. Looking into the demands of global marketplaces may also help businesses see what they can do to enter this niche.


Wired and wireless earphones are some of the most sought-after products in the audio equipment market. Brands like Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei all have earphones that they produce for their products. 

While it may seem that the market is saturated, demand continues to grow with the increased production. However, companies that may want to enter this market will need to prepare for fierce competition. Companies will need to take other steps, like using newer technology, to find success here.

Car Audio Equipment

Car audio equipment was one of the niches significantly affected by the COVID pandemic. Demand for production and sales decreased as people prioritized staying at home rather than traveling. Two years later, numbers are starting to pick up again as the world begins adjusting.

Considering these facts, companies still have to be very careful in entering this niche in China. Several companies already dominate this space, establishing partnerships with international manufacturers. Most car audio companies outsource production in China. There is some space here to grow, with the market valued at around $10 billion annually.

Creating solid partnerships and products that are enticing will be the key. It will be about lowering costs while maintaining high quality. It’s also about introducing new features that can entice future automobile users.

Market an Audio Equipment Brand in China

Rising consumer consumption and access to digital markets have made audio equipment flourish in China. Its growth is fast-paced compared to many other industries. With China producing high-quality equipment enjoyed around the world, it’s no wonder many buy here. As the most popularized country, China has a significant impact on how the industry moves as a whole.

When it comes to marketing these items in China, there are nuances for companies to consider. What often works in other countries isn’t as effective here. Brand perception is vital in China, and many businesses created their name outside before entering the market. For others, they have to resort to other strategies to create interest. Here are some of the ways companies are doing that:

Investing in Chinese Social Media Platforms

Platforms like WeChat and Weibo are the places to build online communities from scratch. They will act as marketing tools, bringing in leads and conversions. Since China has its own unique set of platforms, companies will need to invest in experts who can navigate these spaces.

  • WeChat: It is China’s biggest social media and has been largely adopted by brands. As such, any brand that wants to be seen as legit on the mainland has to register an official account. However, these are not resources thrown out the windows as WeChat official account enjoys many tools that are great for nurturing your target audience.
  • Weibo: Commercial social media, extremely popular with more than 400 million MAU. The app offers official accounts many tools for marketing such as paid ads. The app being an open social media is perfect for buzz marketing and growing a following quickly. Also a great place for live streaming and KOL marketing.
  • Short Video App: There are many in China, the most popular being Douyin and Kuaishou. Just like Weibo and Wechat, they have an official account with interesting tools for brands. Short videos have quickly become a popular promotion tool for brands as they allow them to show more efficiently their goods. These apps have KOL with a huge user base and should be considered for KOL marketing.

Investing in China Search Engine Optimization

Google has little presence in China. Instead, Baidu has the crown as the top search engine. Companies will have to optimize their websites and profiles to appear on Baidu to gain the attention of Chinese consumers. Many experts believe it takes at least six months to achieve visibility on the website.

To succeed on Baidu you need:

  • A Chinese Website: Hosted in China if possible (need an ICP license) and optimized for Baidu SEO. Meaning no google API and fully in Chinese mandarin.
  • a Content Strategy: You’ll need regular original content to gain authority on Baidu.
  • Backlink: They help your website with authority and credibility, giving it a boost on Baidu’s SERP

Baidu SEO is one of the most cost-effective means to promote your brand in the competitive Chinese audio equipment market.

Building Brand Stories

Many of the newer Chinese buyers want to invest in a brand. When they do, they’re likely to have a stronger connection, creating brand loyalty in the process. Consumers want something that connects to their emotions yet also remains functional. The way to do that is similar to global social media platforms, where content and multimedia are essential to gain attention.

  • PR: Public relations are an effective tool to control the narrative on your brand but also because a third-party mention has more credibility than an official brand release.
  • Forums & Q&A: Chinese consumers are smart buyers and rarely buy on impulse. If in most cases, brand awareness is the most important criteria in purchasing decision, with audio equipment, consumers are getting more “neardy”. They look for information on forums to understand the features and technical perks of a product. Forums are an excellent channel for both official and undercover marketing. Undercover in this context means, creating & building multiple buyers’ persona or KOC. They will lead the conversation about your brand on these forums & Q&A and encourage talks about it which will get you more visibility and credibility.


Partnering with established brands and websites can be a path to gaining quick attention in the Chinese digital space. Many companies decide to use Chinese e-commerce platforms and partner with local businesses. They can also join forces with companies to hold events and promotions before the eventual launch.

  • Kol marketing: A popular way to promote your brand in China. Kol and Koc enjoy the trust of Chinese consumers and by collaborating with you, they associate themselves with your brand. You’ll get visibility from their follower base and improve your brand credibility with them at once.
  • Brand Collaboration: Collaborate with another brand to offer a unique series of products. There are many types of a collab that can be done and leverage customers’ feelings. For an instant, a limited edition will play on the emergency of buying your goods. A collab with an old local band plays on nostalgia. There is much you can do.

Putting It All Together

The audio market in China’s growth shows that there is still space to flourish and grow. Being the world leader in audio equipment also means that the competition here is fierce. Companies need to leverage newer technology and create lasting partnerships to gain an advantage. That way, they can have a steady flow of income, setting them up for a brighter future

The audio market doesn’t show any signs of stopping soon. The coming years will be good for those already in the system.

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