How to enter Walmart in China

If you want to sell your products in Walmart China, you have to read this.

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Growth and partnership: the success ingredients

It’s in 1996 that Walmart begins its story in China as Walmart China. Today, Walmart is one of the biggest large distribution groups present in China.

Walmart decided to keep its core values once in the Chinese market as for example “Service to the customer” and “Strive for excellence”. And this was a successful recipe if we look at how much Walmart developed these last years.


In 2020, Walmart China is:

  • 404 Walmart supercenters
  • 8 neighborhood markets
  • Present in more than 180 Chinese cities
  • More than 100,200 associates
  • Strong of over 7,000 partnerships with suppliers in China

It’s only four years ago, in 2016, that Walmart China meets a big turning point: its partnership with is the second-largest e-commerce platform in China and one of the Chinese supply chain leaders.

Walmart undertook this partnership with to develop its sales of fresh products but also improve its online delivery service. This partnership worked so well that, two years later, both parties strengthened their collaboration by investing $500 million in local online grocery delivery company: Dada-JD Daojia.

The second step of this partnership seems to promise to be successful and boost Walmart’s sales.

If you want to get into Walmart China, it is the best moment to do so. Walmart is expanding in China, covering many major cities and will cover even more of them, don’t wait any longer! Selling your product through the large distribution channel, and especially through Walmart, can boost your sales. The Chinese market could even become your main source of revenue.

But how? Who should you turn to get there? Keep on reading to know the answer!

Get in touch with Walmart China

Contacting Walmart China is of course your first step if you want to become of Walmart’s partners.

First, get on Walmart’s Chinese website and go to the business section “Supplier Service”.

Once there, you’ll be able to download some documents you should complete and send them to the corresponding email depending on the nature of your product (food, non-food, apparel, fresh or private brand label).

Those documents are about your brand’s information, some questions but also some requirements if your product is imported (for sourcing, safety and standards).

Get your grade

Through this process, you will see on the form that Walmart will give you two grades: one for the factory visit performance and another for your overall rating.

During this visit, they will search to check your management involvement level or how much you invested in technologies for example. They will also check if you are willing to upgrade your quality and delivery if necessary, the communication between teams, …

But don’t worry, a supplier checklist is available on their website to allow you to be prepared and qualified.

This is the final step for you to be validated by Walmart and start working with them!

You have to be patient since the process can take several weeks or even months. But this will pay off!

Congratulations! You managed to sell your products with Walmart! But your brand and products are still unknown for Chinese consumers. Now, you have to do your marketing campaign and promote your products as best as you can!

If you want to contact Walmart China,

Contact us

And our distribution consultant will contact you.

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