How to Become a Successful and Happy Woman? Get Inspired by Jane Jie Sun.

Ctrip CEO Jane Sun

Fear, lack of time and worry fill our lives with stress and tension. If these situations become a common phenomenon in the way we live, we are faced with radical decisions and solutions that may not be right in a specific situation. But you can get rid of it and try these simple ways to help you become a successful and happy woman. We start by definition the meaning of the key phrases of this concept.


It is a certain quality of human life that develops through work. However, external data is not enough to achieve this. It is important to be able to dress nicely and choose the right dress for the occasion. However, this also requires the competent application of certain knowledge and skills. A successful woman appreciates, respects, engages in her favorite business or activity that brings her joy and, of course, profit.

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It is the most important goal that every woman and person on this planet is heading for. A happy woman can easily combine family care, look after her appearance, creative self-realization, her favorite work while enjoying and rewarding in the form of nice women’s clothing, cosmetics and other things that are important to her and her family. Happiness is thus a generalizing concept of harmony in the soul and personal life.

So if you want to achieve these and similar things that are characteristic of success and happiness, you should also be inspired by some important advice.

Believe in yourself and your strength

One of the most important conditions for success is to believe your own power, possibilities and ideas. Trust is one of the cornerstones of personal success, so try to find and use it in your life. However, you will secure your own happiness and success with better confidence in your own skills, strength, talent and determination to change something.

Try to get rid of laziness

Remember that laziness is the wrong direction that prevents you from reaching your goal. In most cases, success is characterized by hard work on yourself, which then brings you the deepest satisfaction and joy.

Don’t worry if something doesn’t work right away

It is not always possible to manage everything at once. Experience, skill, and success have their order, and if something gets complicated or delayed, it is not a reason for panic.

Stay in touch with the world

Lack of time is not an excuse to stay away from what is happening in the world. Whenever possible, try to look for new information. Finally, the most important thing. Remember, there are no ideal people. Everyone has their own shortcomings, but only those who know how to turn them into pluses can be successful and happy.

Take time for yourself 

 Maybe it sounds like a bit of irrational advice, but the most common mistake women make in building success is that they forget about themselves and their rest. The time you spend on yourself or your hobbies is the best time to invest because it will bring you new winds to your sails, relaxation and new ideas. Therefore, when planning your day, do not forget to find a moment for yourself.

Motivate yourself 

 No one else will do it for you. Set your goals, what you want to achieve and go for it. Whether your goal is to read 50 books or build a big company. Always set goals and motivate yourself daily to achieve them. And when you reach them, move the bar a little higher. “Your goals must be big enough to get you out of bed in the morning.” One of the efficient motivation technique is to follow successful people. Let’s follow Jane Jie Sun – CEO of the biggest online travel agency in China, with aspirations that reach far beyond the country’s borders. 

Meet Jane Jie Sun 

Sun joined Ctrip in 2005 as chief financial officer and served in other senior executive positions before rising to CEO in 2016. With more than 300 million registered users, it’s the country’s largest online travel agency and the world’s second-largest in terms of the gross merchandise value. The company acquired UK-owned flight booking website Skyscanner in 2016 and US company in 2017, among other ventures.

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