How and where to sell a tech brand in China ?

China is a huge and growing country. The Chinese market represents an incredible opportunity to do business there.

The middle-class population is growing over time. People are getting richer and richer and getting out of poverty. That is why their living conditions are constantly improving.
More and more people have access to the Internet. The figures speak for themselves.

In China, 800 million people use the Internet, equivalent to three times the connected population of the United States of America.

Actually most of these users have access to the internet via their smartphone. The brands most present in the territory are Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.

The Internet market is provided by three industry giants that are in fact state-owned companies. In these circumstances the government wants to keep a tight grip on its country’s economy. This is why, in 2018, the Chinese government has introduced a price cut. It has been ordered to lower the prices of mobile data.

As a result, the Chinese government has reduced its prices by 30%. This strategy is aimed at developing the digital economy. Indeed, the aim is to increase demand by pushing consumers to buy. This strategy will increase the country’s domestic consumption. Thus it will contribute to investment in high-tech services, which is becoming a priority for the Chinese government.

In addition, please note that 583 million Chinese people are used to paying with their smartphones. This is larger than the entire population of the United States.

China’s biotechnology, telecom and software sector is booming.
This is an opportunity to be seized!

In order to tackle the Chinese market in the best possible way, there are several things to be warned about.
You know the IT market well, so you know that everyone is connected these days, as the figures above prove. Moreover if you are a company in the IT sector, your target audience are the connected people. So that’s how you’re going to attract them.

A whole new strategy needs to be put in place. A new Digital Marketing Strategy.

In order to implement a new marketing strategy there are several points you need to emphasize.

For starters, visibility. You need to be seen by your potential customers.
To do this, you need to learn all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

SEO techniques are as different as a search engine. Indeed, the idea is the same. However, the Google tool is far from resembling its Chinese twin, Baidu.


Do you know Baidu?
It’s the first Chinese search engine.
80% of Chinese internet users use it. That is hundreds of millions of users per day. You must know a lot about Baidu.

First of all the search engine is Chinese. This means that your website has to be in Chinese, no one will take the time to translate your site.

After that, you need to make sure your site references are safe sites. Under no circumstances should the sites you refer to be charged for either.

Meta-data is important on Baidu, as much as the titles. Titles must be easily identifiable as such. And the metadata is also to be controlled.

For more information on the search engine you are invited to read the following article : Top 20 of SEO secrets

Once your site is made visible you will need to modify its content. Indeed, if your website is visible but the message you deliver is not well received, all your efforts will have been for nothing. That’s why you must apply yourself to give your site new content.

Futher information about SEO on Baidu here and here

Your content (Base of every strategy)

Your content must be adapted. Every culture is different, and so is their protocol. Chinese sites are very different from ours. Go ahead, go see what it looks like. Yours has to be similar.

Your content must make sense to your target audience. Put the needs of your customers first, if they don’t see the interest for them to simply visit your site then they won’t even see the interest to buy one of your products.

The Chinese are hard to trust. After years of Internet scams, people are still suspicious. That is why all brands must be transparent and make every effort to gain their trust.

Confidence is difficult to acquire, especially when there’s money at stake. That’s why it’s imperative that you set up a storytelling system for me.

Storytelling (It works really well in China)

The principle of story telling is a very recurrent element in Chinese sites. The Chinese love it, so you can’t miss it.
The concept is based on the fact that your product will never be better sold by your customers themselves.

Therefore, you need to set up a feedback that is accessible to your customers. They will be able to talk about the products they bought, make comments. This will make your brand image more transparent and will give your future customers confidence.

Finally, the tool you have left to use is not a classic digital marketing tool, but a person.

Key Opinion Leader (how Chinese says Influencers)

The principle of KOL was born not so long ago in the course of the digitalization of our society. These people are also called influencers. As a result, they have a public image that they care for. This is why many people follow them on the networks. With the community they have acquired, the influencers have a certain power of influence.

Video KOL are the most performing influencer in 2020 in China.

Their word counts for many and is heard by many. Their opinion is a source of trust for followers. In this sense, you should get in touch with one of them so that they can try one of your products and promote it.

Warning ! It is well noted that the choice of the KOL is crucial and meticulous. Moreover, the influencer will not manage the follow-up of potential clients. This means that people’s comments and questions following the publication of the KOL will not be handled by the KOL. Make sure that the task is assigned by one of your employees.

As you will have understood, the technology market is a booming market in China. However, it’s difficult to get a foothold there because of all the procedural differences you’re not used to.
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