Healthcare the New Lucrative Market in China

The healthcare market is becoming a huge market in China

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Understand the Chinese consumer

Due to all the scandals and the increase of a big fake market, they no longer trust companies. That’s why you need to build a clean and transparent relationship with your consumers.

Health is important for the new Chinese Middle Class

A lot of health issues have been set aside as air pollution, water pollution or the increase of obesity due to the increase of purchase power and Chinese people want to reduce that.

Government encourages healthcare access

The chinese government really encourage the access for all to healthcare. He incite them to use health drugs and to choose western medecine. A lot of this pratices are covered by insurance.

Target the right generation

The analysis plan that in 2020, there will have more than 250 million seniors chinese people. This population will obviously need healthcar products and solutions.

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The following companies are some of whom trusted us for their implementation in the healthcare industry or others in China.



Everybody know that chinese people are the most connected people in the world. They spend an average of 3 hours surfing on their favorite social media apps. It’s for you a communication channel you can’t ignore. You have a lot of different social media platforms in China, some more general and others more specific but all are very effective and need to be include in a Digital Marketing Strategy. The social media platforms are effective because it’s the optimal place to communicate with your consumers. Chinese people want to have good relationshthe ips with brand. Communicate with your consumers is the best strategy to become well-know and love by your consumers. Don’t forget that healthcare is a very specific market where consumers want always to be advice by peers because it could be unsafe. The most used and effective app is Wechat but all the social media platforms can be used in your Digital Marketing Strategy, you need to find the apps that match better with your expectations.


In the same line, the streaming videos platforms are very popular in China. Today chinese consumers want to watch their videos when they have time and anywhere. They have no time to stay in front of a TV set at a fixe hour to see their favorite programs. They want their programs to adapt their avaliability to consumers. If you post some live video on this streaming platforms it could be a good way to communicate with your consumers. You can throught the videos explain somethings on a specific subjects as tobacco. Answer some questions. It’s a very great way to connect to your consumers. Chinese consumers really appreciate the personal touch and to be able to talk with healthcare specialists. The most popular and effective streaming platforms are Douyin, Yukou and Meipai. This apps allow you to communicate with your consumers. You need to be very informal and use words they can understand because your are on social media platforms. With that kind of platforms, you will be able to create communities and have followers. It’s a good things because more people like you, more you will be recommanded


All over the world, more and more people when they are sick beging by searching on the net a solution to their issues. That’s why you have a lot of medecine forums very popular. Forums in general are very popular in China and also effective because there are good ranking on Baidu. They often provide good quality content that’s why there are so popular. f you can set up online diagnosis to your consumers it could be very fine. I explained to you that Chinese consumers have no time and are very connected so it’s a perfect match ! You can get your diagnosis online. You also can set up maybe a chatbot to speak with your patients. The patient explain his issue and the throught the chatbot you or a robot can answer and advice the patient. If you are able to do that you will destroy your competitors because for now not a lot of companies can do that. You need to adapt your approch to the consumer and especially when we talk about healtcare. If you can provide good advices and answer to a specific question, you will become quickly the number one of this market.


One of the most important trend of the moment. Chinese consumers don’t want to spend time waiting for a doctor. A good alternative for in this connected market is to provide telemedicine. I mean you can be on social media and create timehours telemedecine available for consumers. It’s not only a service than you use if you are a doctor. If you sale medical products you can also use that channel to give advice and answer consumers questions. It’s for you an extra online explosure. This trend allow you to control your online presence and the informations consumers can have on your brand. But it also allow you to communicate directly with your consumers.


Gentlemen Marketing Agency is based in Shanghai for many years. Opening a pharmaceutical company or selling healthcare products might be challenging in China, because the country has strict regulations. Our experts are here to help you understanding the Chinese market better.

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What are the new trend of the pharmaceutical market in China ?

Go digital ! As for any other product, Chinese love to buy everything online. It is also called “internet pharmacy” (网上药店). This platform is really popular.