Golden age to export Food in China is NOW!

Chinese distributors are searching to import food from oversea to the Chinese population.

It is the best time for food brands to export to China in 2022.

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  • China’s top cities are in lockdowns,
  • Ukraine war delayed imports to regional ports
  • China disrupts global supply chains
  • Many factories are stopped
  • Cities in China are in need of healthy foods
  • Lockdown panic make the Chinese buy a lot of food

Logistic Problem in China in 2022

Authorities in Beijing have placed restrictions on workers accessing port yards because of reports of infection. The war has caused delays in routine transport, and the region, which imports more than half its wheat from Ukraine, is now forced to accept these delays.

Shippers expressed concern about the expected delays in the supply of key goods. They stated that the number of ships docking at Mombasa and Dar es Salaam will decrease in the coming weeks.

Many countries in East, West, Middle, and Southern Africa depend on Russia and Ukraine for cheaper wheat, fertilizers, or vegetable oils. However, the war has disrupted the global commodity market.
More import delays after the new Covid-19 cases in China, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused more congestion in the supply chain.

China authorities have already imposed restrictions on workers accessing port yards in areas that report infections. The war has also caused delays in routine transport, and the region, which imports more than half its wheat from Ukraine must now be prepared for them.

Shippers expressed concern about the expected delays in key goods supply, citing the large number of ships that dock at ports.

The slowdown in shipping through the Chinese tech hub Shenzhen and Shanghai’s seaports has been due to a shortage in workers and a shortage of truckers, who are permitted to transport imports and outgoings across the country.

A crisis among Chinese Food factories

Larger companies can afford to delay in case China eases its economic lockdown and resumes its strong economic growth

Smaller companies have more difficulty because they are dependent on China’s advanced contract production ecosystem and cannot relocate. Chinese businessmen said that some factories had closed temporarily due to the inability of workers to report to work.

Others have spent money on food for workers and allowed them to stay over at their workplaces overnight so that they could report back to work the next morning.source

Quarantine rules are keeping overseas-based business leaders from China projects

Results Chinese food distributors are searching for oversea Foods.

When the factory of the world stop

China is a major manufacturer in the world. The disruptions in China have a negative impact on the global economy, and they pose a risk to inflation.
China’s inflation data also will be under scrutiny as shortages of food, and other goods and lockdowns drive up prices. Top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have promised more stimulus to achieve an economic growth target of about 5.5% in this year’s economy.
On Monday and Thursday, Indonesia and the Philippines released their first-quarter GDP figures.

The disruptions in China, a major manufacturer of goods and services around the world, are impacting the global economy and adding to the risk of inflation. The government is working to restore production in Shanghai, where the majority of the population has been in lockdown for over five weeks. Many foreign companies claim they are unable to resume business operations.

The Chinese food industry is looking oversea to supply the Chinese People.

Do you want to export to China?


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