The different steps you need to achieve to excel in Baidu SEO

Baidu is the key to be able to make a name in the Chinese market. Thus, you need to go through several SEO stage to complete your online marketing. To do so, using Baidu’s own services is what will help you to improve your ranking in the first search engine of China.

It is because those knowledge properties appear on the first page of search results that it will assure you to get in the first three pages of Baidu every single time. Using those tools by posting articles about your brand or well-placed links to your store front on Tmall will guarantee you to be ahead of the competition and this, just by using a clever SEO method.


Baidu Zhidao

Firstly thanks to Baidu Zhidao which is the equivalent of Yahoo! Answers. When Chinese ask question on Baidu that’s the first website that appears into the search engine. As you have with Yahoo ! Answer, the highest rated response are listed first. So it is quiet easy to understand and to be used. You just need to post a question about your brand or product or just answering to a previous question and include a link to your website. There aren’t any rules on Baidu Zhidao. Users can ask and answer anything. The only things banned are pornographic or anti-government comment. We also advise you to limit the number of link you post or your account might be blocked for several days first then deleted.


Baidu Tieba

Secondly, Baidu Tieba is a platform when people can talk freely about goods and purchasing they just made. It is a good way to improve your popularity as a prominent BBS but it has to be use carefully. The best strategy is to post attractive articles or good looking pictures about your brand and add a link directly to your site brand or to your Tmall/Taobao account. Publicity is prohibited so try to stay as much as you can informative.


Baidu Wenku

Thirdly, Baidu Wenku which is a portal where users are able to upload the files and share them with the community for free. You can find, documents, books… The best way to use it is to share files related to your brand whatever the format you use. It has to be in Chinese and if you can, with a watermark to avoid piracy. To maximize downloading, the article has to be valuable with interesting information in it. The audit is a difficult step to cross so do not show any attempt of selling products. Also don’t put more than three links or it won’t be accepted.

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Baidu Baike

To finish, Baidu Baike is this equivalent of the Western Wikipedia. Therefore, it is used by Chinese very much, always being first or second rank for people, places, brands… search. It is the Baidu’s feature you don’t want to miss ! It works exactly like Wikipedia, anyone can submit and edit information that Baike will review later. The only thing you need to do is to create a free Baidu account. Link are very difficult to add but it is obviously possible to promote your brand indirectly.  For example, you can claim that every hospital’s are using a specific medical equipment manufacturer’s name or that your brand has been elected best after-sales in one country or another. However, all content has to come from reliable sources and stay the more objective as you can. Ads are not allowed in any form.

If you use carefully those platforms, you will make a good impression on the Chinese Internet and you will be well ranked on Baidu. When you regular SEO strategy doesn’t work in China because of all the rules the government requires, then the best is to use directly the tools that Baidu provide.

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