Classic dance merges with China

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In her new dancing studio, Polina, Russian ballet teacher in Ningbo, makes the flexibility of her Chinese pupils improve. The dance school is very recent, but every child wears the official uniform. They learn quickly: at the age of kindergarten, girls already know how to make the splits, touch their head with the tip of their foot and hold each main position. Their coordination between them is impressive for children that young, as they in fact present shows in public very early to the great pride of their family.

Classical Dance in China

classic dance pupils

The evening classes for adults are also very successful. Former dancers take up a routine, when it is not about the mothers who realize their dream of youth. All are there to work with basic movements and to tone their muscles. The determination is palpable.

Chinese dancers and sportsmen have the reputation of having an excellent mind to withstand the pressure of discipline and resist physical exertion. Faced with a rather recent craze for Western-style classical dance (not to be confused with classical Chinese dance, ancestral tradition), the National Ballet of China and the Shanghai Ballet are two essential formations for the development of ballet in China. the middle Empire.

Why this interest in classical dance in China?

Why this interest in classical dance in China, while traditional Chinese dances have the advantage of flattering national pride?

Western ballet is an art popular with China’s cultured elite. Compared to ancestral Chinese traditions, it is more a symbol of modernity than classicism, unlike Europe where its practice is rooted in history.
Ballet is an appropriation of Western culture and its practice, as well as its appreciation as a spectator, allows the individual to rise as a modern person, a connoisseur of the West. By extension, it is a center of interest that testifies to an easy social rank.

The dancer fashion style is in vogue

dance style

In the streets of Shanghai, this year you can see long tulle skirts and ballerinas for a style very similar to the classical dancer. This fashion is particularly attractive to young Chinese women, whose morphology is close to ballet dancers: slim and petite for a silhouette in H.

Repetto Ballerina in China


The luxury ballerina Repetto has in turn targeted the Chinese market. Its implementation did not happen quickly. For a niche brand, it is indeed difficult to establish a territory as huge as China, where consumers meet different codes and needs of the West. The brand has adapted and has mainly focused on selling bags in Asia.
It was of course necessary for him to take the digital turn. The Repetto site therefore offers online sales, essential to captivate Chinese consumers. The Chinese clientele is almost no longer in brick and mortar but mainly through e-commerce platforms for its purchases, or learn about Chinese social networks dedicated to information and product promotions.

An undeniable asset? The made in France, supreme reference in the world of fashion and luxury. The French touch seduces and reassures, it certifies almost the good taste of the buyer.

The importance of digital in the sale of sports goods in China

dance China

While in the West brick and mortar shops are fighting against e-commerce, in China the two methods merge: this is called digitization of retail. Now, it is possible for Chinese consumers to do their shopping entirely using their mobile phone. No need for a wallet when you go out and even more need to go out: everything can be delivered, and paid for by the two main mobile payment applications, Alipay and Wechatpay. E-commerce is a way of life in itself, where every purchase of everyday life (shopping at the supermarket, booking a train or restaurant, a cinema and even a taxi) is done on Smartphone.

In this context of digitalization, the passage through one of the main e-commerce platforms (Taobao, Tmall) is obligatory for any entrepreneur wishing to make himself known in the Chinese market. This transfer to e-commerce stems from a gradual appropriation of the good communication channels towards the Chinese public, which are for example the Wechat subscription accounts, or the good SEO on the Baidu search engine. The good use of Chinese social networks can increase your marketing impact on the web!

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