Why do Chinese women enjoy using Tantan?

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The Chinese dating mobile app Tantan boasts 100 million users. From personal data protection to a very good understanding of the needs and expectations of Chinese Internet users, let us explain why the app Tantan has everything good.

How Tantan works

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The mobile application uses the same principle as Tinder: enable meeting people by common interests, with the possibility of restricting its action field with age and geographical location criterion. Profiles are submitted to the user that can swipe to the right to validate a profile he likes and swipe to the left to delete it. When two users “like” their respective profiles, it is called a match they can start to chat. Although one can display its information on its public profile (age, occupation, and leisure for example), the physical appearance remains clearly the predominant criterion of research.

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Confidentiality and discretion

The great strength of the application is to avoid any kind of embarrassment to users by protecting their identity. Upon registration, the application scans the user’s contents of the phone book and Wechat contacts to avoid him from falling on embarrassing profiles of an acquaintance. Phone numbers in his phone book will therefore systematically be excluded from the profiles list, the risk of meeting a person you know is, therefore, close to zero.

In addition, the application does not display profiles whose reallocation is substantially too close to the user, to avoid for example a shameful awareness of your metro neighbor surfing on at the app at the same time. On the same principle as Tinder, the application only reveals who ‘like’ who from the moment the two profiles were respectively seen and approved. It also lets the user choose his gender preferences to match with similar profile searches.

On Tantan Users Security matters

tantan app security

Although the app is for adults only, Tantan takes great care to protect its users and avoid bad experiences. Any solicitation to obtain one’s Wechat contact is followed by a systematic message reminding the user of fraud and spam risk and kindly remind them not to trust their interlocutor blindly.

Some keywords can be considered as sexual harassment – short messages like ‘send sexy pictures of you’ or ‘I love your boobs’ and immediately generate another automatic message: ‘Does he bother you?’ If the user clicks yes, the tactless user is removed from her contact list without further formalities. If not, the Tantan team simply wishes you a Happy Chatting!

Nonintrusive and secure, the application takes into account the shyness and inexperience of its subscribers and seeks to limit abuse. When you want to undo an unsuccessful match, it let the possibility to anonymously report the person or even to tick the box ‘I do not want to tell you why. No pressure then to justify your choice. It is thus a very reassuring application for users who feel deprived in front of rude misbehavior.

Romanticism 2.0


The best point for shy & romantic Chinese users: the Secret Crush feature allows you to choose a member of your phone book to send him a ‘crush’. If he also uses Tantan on his side, he will receive a notification to get informed that the heart of a mysterious person beats for him … The identity of this person will be revealed to him only if he also enters the name of his secret lover in his ‘secret crushes’ and that it happened to be the same person. For artichoke hearts or disappointed hopes, the app allows you to choose up to five crushes in your phone book.

This function is a very good illustration of a Chinese society where social interactions between girls and boys are full of awkwardness and timidity. It’s asking too much to take one’s courage to approach a beauty or answer yes to a request. Young Chinese fellas hardly express their emotions and prefer to take refuge behind their smartphones where Gifs and Smileys can replace words.

Boost the user’s ego

Because the need to be desired is human, Tantan boosts its use by touching the ego of its subscribers: a counter records how many people have ‘liked’ your profile – without ever revealing their identity – with the possibility of sharing this result on social networks! As soon as the user softens in his research, the application raises regularly reminding him how many people have liked him and he still needs to discover.

Foreigners wanted on Tantan

foreigner couple

The application can be used in both English and Chinese, which makes it easier for foreigners to use. Many Chinese men and women dream of a foreign spouse, a union always associated with a certain social status which makes it possible to stand out and to affirm its openness to the world.
Foreigners fascinate by their singular physical appearance, mixed babies become a wish for many Chinese who consider them very beautiful. Having a foreign spouse means speaking good English and to travel often, many values ​​well considered in a Chinese society where the power of consumption has increased and leave a field for more socio-cultural opportunities.

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