Chinese Tourists Are Going International, and Their Travel Habits Are Evolving

Chinese tourists are no longer going abroad mainly to shop. As the size and wealth of the Chinese middle class are increasing, Chinese people are increasingly becoming international tourists. According to Oliver Wyman’s recent survey of 2,000 Chinese travelers, Chinese tourists made 140 million outbound trips in 2018 – an increase of 13.5% over 2017. Chinese tourists are getting better, wherever they go and What you experience at your destination. These changes are affecting where and what these travelers spend. Outside China, the top destinations for these travelers are Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Singapore, according to the Telegraph. And ahead of Asia, the United States and Italy are their top destinations.

Chinese Tourists Are Going International, and Their Travel Habits Are Evolving

Expenditure on experiments is increasing

According to a survey by Nelson and Alpay, Chinese travelers are spending more money away from home on destinations, which in 2017 costs an average of $ 4,462 US dollars, and in Hong Kong, the average spend is 48,487. The survey shows that “Chinese tourists spent $ 1 261.1 billion in 2016” and that, on average, every Chinese tourist spent 5,565 on overseas trips in 2017.

This expense is going toward finding new experiences. The Chinese Woman report notes that authentic, social, and shareable experiences are now the top reasons for travel. While shopping, as a reason for travel, has dropped dramatically, from 91% in 2016. That is down to 41% in 2018. There are important implications for this. Chinese tourism companies along with Value Chain.

Shared Experience Social Media

Chinese tourists are especially attracted to experiences that they can share socially and then share via Weibo, Instagram, or WeChat. “For Chinese tourists who are generally good, tourist attention and travel experience are more important factors than their costs,” the report by Nelson and ElPay said.

As shopping costs are replaced by other spending items, the overall costs of Chinese tourists are decreasing slightly. Chinese tourists asking for more and more services. 

Finding authentic experiences

Chinese travelers are increasingly heading to places like Iceland, Europe, and North America. When they look for more authentic experiences, ninety-six percent of respondents in the Nelson survey said that “the beauty and uniqueness of a particular destination is their primary consideration” when choosing where to travel.

Chinese travelers are becoming more adventurous in what they eat and are increasingly embracing local food trials. They often use websites specific to rankings and reviews to find restaurants that will allow them to experience the authentic flavors of their destination.

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“Travel allows me to broaden my horizons while giving me the opportunity to experience other people’s lifestyles and learn about different cultures,” says a survey respondent in the Nelson and Alpe study. Is.”

Local Cuisine

With more curiosity about local cuisine, Chinese travelers are staying in more shops, hotels, and locals’ homes. Like restaurants, hotels and houses are at the mercy of online reviews. Passengers weigh in on location, cleanliness, and cost more than amenities and rewards programs, which are often closed to larger hotels.

According to Woman’s Weibo report, “Given the digitally-known features of today’s Chinese traveler, marketing to them requires a specific, local approach.” Chinese consumers have moved quickly to share their experiences on social platforms, including e-commerce and mobile payments.

Eighty percent of respondents in the survey report sharing their experiences on Wechat, and according to Oliver Wyman, WeChat doesn’t hurt your company to create something positive. By having a presence on social channels, including a platform dedicated to studies, companies can maintain their credibility, solve any problems and create positive interactions between their company and community online – ultimately helping Chinese travelers To the presentation.

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