China’s Top 5 Most Popular Social Media 2017

On social media, every country has its own online marketing strategy. When looking at China, every business has its own preferences when using social media platforms. In addition, if you want to reach the increasingly important Chinese market, you need to know which social media platform they use.
Here is 2017 China’s most popular social media.

Billion active users – Tencent QQ

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Tencent QQ is one of the leading social media platforms in Asia, boasting the largest user base of billions and growing every month. In 2014, more than 210 million users had connected to this online marketing area. So what is the difference between this platform and other platforms?

QQ platform and other online services to coordinate instant messaging, games, online payment, blogs, e-mail, Microblogging, and other aspects also have some popular aspects. Mobile devices and desktop messaging providers all use this very popular platform to send messages.

You will find that different types of brands use different parts of the landscape from local to international brands. Popular brands like China Apple use it to launch their exclusive sales. Why you use it – you can do your email marketing through it.

You can share your important SEO marketing and brand interest groups through it, and even your social graph data to make your service influence the follower’s network and fans.

Direct communication with consumers – Sina Microblogging

Now, if you want to target the largest number of public figures, celebrities, companies, and direct-talking organizations that forget Twitter, Sina Weibo is the way to go. This platform is so large that it creates the ultimate space for debate and conversation in Chinese society.

Even local governments, government agencies, and police have also created their own accounts on Weibo to communicate with the Chinese public and receive feedback. A microblogging hemisphere provides all the long forms to publish up to 10,000 characters, and Twitter also needs to figure out.

It has custom features that change your font style and size, you can share your video and multiple images simultaneously, file sharing, and compose opinion polls – using MP3, PDF, and DMG. All businesses that use social media marketing around the world should have an account on Sina Weibo.

In the landscape, you will find many famous football superstars, like David Beckham, the most popular David ever since has over a million followers. Use it to trigger and increase your eCommerce website or to market your services and products. In this platform, you will find from the fashion brand to environmental organizations.

Great comment – DOUBAN

Service and product recommendations affect Chinese consumers. If you have a brand that you want to sell this comment based on social platform DOUBAN is the place. Users here share their thoughts and opinions on movies, books, events, music, and culture. A platform to express themselves and lifestyle as the center.

If you want to use this site, you do not need to sign up for an account, you can find luxury brand creative industries on this social platform. If you take Montblanc (a German manufacturer of watches, leather goods, and jewelry), they already have over 4 million visits to their page.

Word of mouth marketing is very important when it comes to reviews and ratings. For online and offline marketing, you create events based on your interests as they participate in discussion groups that build a fan base and invite other users.

It enables users and businesses to interact instantly with consumers on private-label pages and discussion pages.

China’s Facebook – TENCENT RENREN

TENCENT RENREN is not without Facebook in China. A classic social media platform has over 150 million users per month. This is one of the first social network services registered in China. However, because it is working hard to make use of it, it is becoming more of a game portal.

This social media platform has a very specific audience based on students and is very popular. There are not many platforms based on big brands, Budweiser and Coca-Cola. You can use this platform as an advertising program to give your service and brand you because it delivers valid information directly to people.

There are several ways you can use this platform, as you can create interactive games using online promotions. In this way, users play games, earn points and can redeem your products and services.

Beyond all social platforms – WECHAT

Now, if you are an online marketing expert in Sydney, WeChat is a place beyond all simple communication functions. The Chinese community uses this social media platform for booking forms, investing, shopping, paying taxes,

Transfer money. Use this platform because its goal is to connect everything around the world. In China, the platform alone reaches more than 8 billion users and reached more online deals by PayPal in 2015.

This is an e-commerce environment, instant messaging. Users using WeChat like to participate and participate in application-based activities such as shopping via the platform. Here you can find many international brands from different industries such as Mercedes-Benz, Tiffany, and Coca-Cola.

You can use the CRM tools in your app to build your own HTML5 mini-site, use the loyalty card process, and use it to influence marketing.

Final Thoughts If you are a marketer and want to work with a community of Chinese community in community media marketing, take the time to understand how their 5 most popular networks work. Social media marketing in China is in many ways the same as in the rest of the world. Share your interests and content by marketing in these prestigious social media environments and build credibility with your brand. Start communicating with your potential Chinese customers now!

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