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Shoes brand from Northampton, UK

The Brand & Campaign Context

Tricker's is a hand-made shoe brand from Northampton, England, created by the makers of Tricker's factories in the traditional shoe heartland. They insist on making shoes by hand, with superior techniques. Tricker's unique selling points are quality, design style, and character. Although Tricker's gained popularity in the UK, they still need to improve their brand awareness and create a brand image in the Chinese market in order to increase their sales. With this context in mind, GMA believed that Wechat and Weibo are the most suitable platforms for Tricker's to develop their long-term strategy in China.


+ 6,678% Weibo Followers in 1 month

+ 953,376 Weibo Views in 1 month

+ 212% WeChat Followers in 1 month

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