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Our Customer contacted-us to find a Tuna & Sardine distributor i n China

The Brand & Campaign Context

We have to help Century Pacific Food to develop its distribution via Marketing Activation in China. We develop Sales in China. Although this Fish supplier was pretty big when they contacted us they were struggling with finding distributors in China. The reason was quite obvious to us: They had great products but the wrong approach. When looking for a distributor in China, there are a few things to keep in mind: Emails does not work / Distributors look for brands not products / Distributors are not marketers. Keeping this 3 points in mind we built a strategy to increase the visibility and credibility of this tuna & Sardine company on the Chinese internet. We built them a website in mandarin, made sure it rank with SEO and PR, designed a Wechat HR Brochure so it would be easy for our clients to share it Tuna & Sardines listing to Chinese distributors. We made sure their name would appear on pretty much every platforms a distributor could look. Once our clients had enough visibility we introduced him to our network and our clients also started receiving lead directly from its website and WeChat account.


  • 144% visibility
  • 14 PR
  • 180 000 exposure
  • +30% e-Business

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