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Ludovic Ballouard -The Only Moments That Matters is Now.

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Ludovic Ballouard is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. We live in exciting and exhilarating times. Today's technologies make us feel like we can do more, faster, but are we perhaps losing a small part of what makes us human? In this spirit, Ludovic Ballouard suggests taking a step to the side and taking a break. We live in an incredible universe that we will never stop exploring and contemplating. With Ludovic Ballouard's unique and high-quality timepieces, he deeply questions our relationship to time, without ever forgetting to add a touch of humor. Created in 2009, their workshop offers a subtle but formal approach to the poetic countryside of Geneva, Switzerland. The Upside Down and Half Time models invite us to stop, observe, contemplate, and question the world and its relationship to time. GMA has helped Ludovic Ballouard with his campaigns on the Chinese social networks WeChat and Weibo as well as with his PR campaigns and the localization of his website.



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