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The Brand & Campaign Context

Our client is the school of fashion & design in Milan offering high-level training which is both innovative and creative. Since its founding in 2005, it has acted as the meeting place between the demands of the job market – always on the lookout for ever-more specific professional profiles – and the aspirations of those who wish to embark on a career with the big names in fashion, luxury, and high-end products. The school’s main location is situated on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, an essential destination for all those who want to work as true professionals in the sector. The school trains the key professional figures that operate within the sector, from fashion to marketing, brand management to fashion design and fashion communication, whilst always maintaining constant contact with the business world. The school’s training technique is innovative as it unites invention with design and is based on the three fundamental and interchanging aspects: knowledge, application, and life. They opened a branch in China in 2013 and needed GMA for Baidu SEO and SEM campaigns in order to increase their e-reputation in China.


  • 50 leads every month
  • Top search result on Baidu
  • 10K visitors per month on their website
  • Increase of e-reputation in China

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