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French Oil Brands in China

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Sell French Oil in China.

The Brand & Campaign Context

The brand is a French agrifood company created in 1908 and is today a major player in the production and marketing of edible oils and sauces. The products of this brand are marketed worldwide in partnership with international groups and world leader in the processing of oil seeds. The global consumption of edible vegetable oils has been growing since 1991. China, the European Union and India are the top 3 consumers of edible vegetable oils. The per capita consumption of edible vegetable oils keeps growing in China with the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standard. It increased from 7.7 kg in 1996 to 25 kg in 2016, exceeding the global per capita consumption. As the Chinese market of edible oil and sauces is flourishing, the opportunity is great and the brand needed to be helped into official accounts sitting on Chinese social media, e-reputation management, and marketing content creation.



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