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Attract Chinese Luxury travellers to France in China.

The Brand & Campaign Context

The client is a French luxury tourism agency, targeting a high class of Chinese Customer to travel in Europe. They have their own international website translated in Chinese Mandarin. They are Chinese Customer Specialist since 2010. Located in Paris in the heart of the trends which liven up the capital of Luxury, the agency is a creator of journeys. Its know-how is the conception of exclusive customized journeys in Europe, where the envy “to live a new experience” fosters creation. Because they understand that the desires and plans can change, they strive to provide its clients with the most flexible terms of payments. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with your children, in a group... The company is at your disposal to create a perfectly tailor-made trip. They have the experience and solutions to ensure the same quality of service regardless of the number of travelers. The brand needed GMA to create content marketing, manage its SEO ranking on both Baidu and Google, and also to increase its presence on Chinese social media.


“The SEO solution realized by Gentleman Marketing Agency for our company was efficient. Since the first months, we got excellent results in SEO on Google and Baidu, our visibilty was improved and we quickly got many new customers from the Internet”.  – Testimonial of the CEO

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