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The Brand & Campaign Context

The major events of the last decade have profoundly changed the view of the world and the consumption habits of our society. A direct consequence of the 2008 crisis or of a simple history journey, the trends are marked by personalization and tailor-made. The jewelry sector has not escaped this upheaval. Some will say back to basics, others a visionary reading of our needs. The Maison has opted for the second option. Since then, the luxury jewelry brand we worked for has specialized in tailor-made jewelry to respond to this deep desire of people to express themselves and live through exceptional jewelry that resembles them. This is how the French specialist in tailor-made jewelry will set out to conquer the outside world. In particular China and the Russian-speaking countries. Located at 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, our client is committed to promoting international and national luxury jewelry tailored and made in France. The brand needed GMA to expand its notoriety in China through SEO.


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