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The Brand & Campaign Context

The Cheese market continues to see high double-digit value growth in 2017. This is a big opportunity for an organization such as the French Dairy Interbranch, recognized by French & European authorities. and which brings players from the dairy sector. The brand seeks to promote French Cheese in China. They contacted GMA for developing digital Campaigns to sensitive Chinese Consumers to French Cheese. In fact, demand has continued to increase for the past ten years. Over the period 2014 - 2019, it should increase by an average of 9.76% per year, calculates the research firm Research And Market. The secret to this unexpected growth? Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and sensitive to the sales arguments of dairy product manufacturers. The main actors in this change are the new generations of urbanites, richer than their parents at the same age and influenced by Western lifestyles. According to a study by HSBC Bank carried out in 2015 among around 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 34 and whose income exceeds 16,000 euros per year, more and more of them are including dairy products in their diet food. The main argument: these are healthy foods.


  • +3,800 visits every month
  • +35% French Cheese Consumption
  • +30 keywords ranked on page 1 of Baidu Research

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