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Attract Chinese Australian Lifestyle Apparel Consumers Online.

The Brand & Campaign Context

The client is an Australian Lifestyle Brand that offers different types of clothing and apparel brands, mainly targeted towards the millennial segment. They contacted GMA because they needed to want to improve their brand awareness, Reputation, and visibility among the Millenials, to develop their Business. Our experts met with the client with the aim of Understanding his objective and outlining a strategy for further growth and development. The company already had operations in China, and already run a TMall store. Their needs revolved mainly around improving their visibility and e-reputation so to boost the sales of their online & offline shop. In order to improve volley’s Brand awareness and e-reputation, our experts engaged in a heavy social media campaign. The company’s WeChat and Weibo accounts have been carefully managed, posting related content regularly, and interacting with the followers on multiple occasions. Furthermore, our experts improved the company’s reputation also by actively interacting in online forums and sponsoring online content on carefully targeted platforms.


  • +3,000 engagements on Weibo in 1 month
  • +900 followers on WeChat in 1 month
  • Advertising content shared on several influential online platforms
  • Significant improvement in the company’s reputation
  • +25% sales revenues
  • 3 keywords ranking 1st on Baidu

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