Booming of International Schools in China

The development of international schools in China is rising rapidly, despite a system of segmentation in the international schools market. Since 2015, international Chinese Private Schools sector is the major sector of the Chinese schools market with 63% of all the schools and 53% of the total enrolment.

The development of international school in China

international School in China

The international schools market in China is a segmented, with many severe restrictions on local children whose families wish them to attend foreign schools. However, there is an increasing demand by Chinese families for Western education taught in the English language, so different types of international school are emerging to reply to this kind of students.Well-understanding this segmentation is also very important for expatriate families when they are preparing for a move to China.

China has some 530 English-medium international schools, catering for 326,000 students. Between 2010 and 2014 the number of international schools in Shanghai is increased nearly 40%, currently educating over 71,000 pupils. Now, international schools are not just concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai but they are also spreading to other cities.

The most popular international school in China

international School in China

As China continues to emerge, in term of population and global leader, it’s important to understand Chinese culture and learning the Chinese language also continues to grow. International schools in China are providing students with education incorporating both Western and Chinese academic and cultural understanding, to ensure students reach global education.

Wellington Shanghai is right in the heart of the new bund, which is such a good location. The two Wellington schools in China reflect the UK school environment, infrastructure, learning, and teaching. The cornerstone of learning is derived from the British National Curriculum, adapted to embrace the globally recognized and innovative programs of the International Baccalaureate Organisation,” explained Joy Qiao, chair of governors for Wellington College International China. the immersion of pupils in Chinese language and culture provides them, the tools and confidence that they need to succeed beyond the classroom.Thanks to the encouragement of the Chinese government in both Tianjin and Shanghai, the college has been able to grow and develop its links within China.

The challenges of International school market in China

international School in China

Usually, these schools are not allowed to enrol local Chinese children except those who have a parent with a foreign passport or those migrating from other Asian countries.What is generating the growth of international Chinese Private schools, which are allowed to enrol local Chinese children, enabling them to attend a more internationally oriented school within their home country, but they are very expensive

One of the biggest challenges for this market is professional capital; maintaining the high standard of skilled, qualified teachers and leaders who are experienced in delivering Western-style curriculum and qualifications. Right now the market is, on the whole, managing to attract enough suitable staff, mainly from such countries as Britain and the United States to meet the demand.

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