SEO or SEM strategy which one to choose when you are in China ?

The SEO Strategy


The goal of a SEO strategy is mainly to get a good ranking in the search engine of China. To get the best position you could on Baidu, Google, etc. SEO is optimizing your website. What does SEO mean exactly ? It is a Search Engine Optimization. To do so, SEO needs to also focus on optimize the web content, the kewords, the external and internal links, the code, the image, the search engine submission, etc.

Nevertheless, to have the optimal ranking, it takes time. The SEO strategy require lot of time and effort and depending on the algorithm of Baidu and Google, it needs a different way. Understanding how search engines will choose or characterize websites on the raking. It can takes several months to do that.

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SEO Advantages

The main factor of success is that there are no search engine that are independent. What I mean is that Baidu, Google, Bing… are all connected. Which means that if you concentrate on optimizing only on Baidu, the good ranking you will get there will give you a good position on other search engine as well and, therefore, will bring you more effective visitor.

Moreover, the price isn’t changing depending on the number of visitor the SEO strategy brings you. It is not a PPC (Pay Per Click), you can stop worrying about how many times your competitors might click your site, you won’t have to pay depending on that, it is a natural ranking. To finish, the SEO strategy benefit from a strong stability. If the SEO methods are well done, the optimization of your ranking will last and carry on for a long time.


SEO Disadvantages

As we were saying earlier, the SEO strategy takes time. To see result, and become apparent, it generally takes about 2 to 3 months of work. When it comes to the keyword, they start to become popular in 4 to 6 months and sometimes even longer depending on the search engine where it is situated. For exemple, Baidu is very delicate.

Moreover, the number of keywords is limited. Which means that if you only have one website, you can only have three keywords. To improve your SEO, you should get several websites were you can select different words and then optimize the way clients can find you by having many different keywords.

To finish, your ranking position will most of the time be after website that use PPC strategy. The rules of search engine dertemine a natural ranking which always appear after the PPC sites. Therefore, in Baidu, if the first page is full of PPC sites, your site will only come out on the second page.


The SEM Strategy

The SEM Strategy is a type of marketing upon the Internet that involves promoting your website through search engines (Baidu Soso and etao) by increasing the visibility (like for SEO) and also advertising. There are no keywords limitation so you can choose any you would like. The main difference with the SEO strategy is that it includes banner advertising which increase considerably visibility. Again, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

SEM Advantages

Compared to the SEO strategy, SEM’s advertising bring about a lot of traffic on the website. It also provides a good ranking with its stability and predictability. Which makes it as powerful as the SEO strategy. It was first the SEO that make its proof and then SEM started to become more popular thanks to the advertising media method and thus compared to other network marketing model, SEM is more perceptible and easy to be accepted by customers.

The SEM strategy obtain a very good ranking quiet easily. It depends only how much you want to spend. Your position is adjusted depending on your add position. One algorithm is allowing the conversion rate to ajust in fonction of the keyword that viewers use to track your company. Therefore, it reachs the maximum performance very fast. Talking about how quick the effect can be seen ? Only a few days are enough to make the SEM advertising getting reviewed and increasing your traffic. It has an immediate effect.

SEM Disadvantages

As you probably already understand, the publicity makes all the difference. So depending on where it is situated or how often it appear on the page, you will have more traffic or not. Moreover there are a lot of competition on this market and you shouldn’t be near one’s shillings because the bill is increasing very fast. If we look at the long-term effect and the investment that we have done, le SEO strategy is less expensive than the SEM’s one. As soon as your budget is reached per day, per keywords or per month, your add campaign will stop displaying. You can’t really control it.


Which one has the most potential ?

Like every other product, it depends on the customer. What is he expecting, his budget and target. SEO has proved it efficiency by the fact that it is an older way to proceed. SEM is still in a development stage that will probably become the only way in the e-commerce future to advertise and promote your professional website. What you need to know is that each business needs a different campaign. You can use perfectly both of them to attract new clients while achieving your corporate targets.

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  2. Expert in Baidu

    I can’t speak for Baidu but content marketing is always a part of the plan for me. I like to diversify and make sure I do both PPC, content marketing and other techniques to make sure I have all my bases covered.

  3. I’m not investing in PPC with Baidu. From a personal perspective, I have switched to Bing as a search platform in China…
    For me PPC is just a waste

  4. Thanks sharing for your tips Olivier. It’s incredibly useful. I found a quick follow-up with your contacts increase your old of building a relationship …

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