Baidu marketing 10 secrets to perform

Baidu is the leading search engine in China…. the Google of China. If you want to boost your business in China, Better to use Baidu.

Baidu search holds the largest market share for both mobile and desktop users. Statista shows that Baidu holds 74% of China’s search market. Sogou is second with nearly 14%.

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Baidu is founded by Robin Li, and is not leader in Hong Kong. (they use google).

Chinese internet users prefer baidu for the Chinese market, Baidu is the leading search engine. Baidu is a great online marketing services to boost brand, growth rate. this robot / machine allows businesses to target specific audience. Chinese government has a total control of Baidu. This dominant search engine has lost trust from users . (Wei Zexi case)

Baidu Advertsing platforms.

Advertisers turn to Baidu for advertising their products and services to Chinese consumers. Here are the top reasons.

Baidu: How can you optimize your results?

Baidu’s algorithm considers website domain names very important. The Chinese search engine will often websites higher in the SERP page (search engine results pages). In this instance, it is recommended to choose a.cndomain name.
It must be hosted in China. Note that it may slow down the site if it is not located near China.
Websites must have a physical address in China. This means that they must have contact information.
If you don’t want your website to be removed from Baidu or denied listing, then you must ensure that it is compliant with Chinese internet restrictions.
The Chinese bureaucrat requires an ICP license. This can take up to one month. This basic requirement is required to rank high in Baidu SERP.

Baidu SEM / PPC

Baidu Brand zone and ppc branding in china

You are looking to expand your business in China and advertise your brand on Baidu . It is now that your time has come to promote your business to a new audience. Baidu, a media giant, should make advertising easy. You mean, who company doesn’t want more advertisers?

This is false. Baidu is still a mystery to western advertisers despite being the most popular channel in China for advertising.

Marketers often have trouble unlocking this channel due to the complex regulations and cultural barriers. For example, the Baidu interface is only available in Chinese.

We get it! This is something we’ve witnessed hundreds of businesses fail to grasp and then give up. China is a huge market, but it requires careful thought when targeting your audience and crafting creatives that resonate with them. was created to address this problem.

You now have a platform that allows marketers and founders to advertise Baidu in English for the first time. You get the same Baidu advertising options but with an easier-to-use English interface.

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Baidu a big advertising platform in China

China is currently the second largest market for digital advertising globally, with a total spend of $75.33 Billion. Baidu advertising accounts for 10.4%. Baidu is a major player in the Chinese Digital Advertising Market. It is important that Baidu advertising be a part of your China go-to market strategy.


Baidu Tongji: Meet the Chinese advertising management system

Baidu Tongji was created because of a need of data of the Chinese People. Only the most Chinese marketer could navigate the challenges of advertising on a completely different market such as China. Many top brands established local teams in China to promote and grow their businesses in China, as the Baidu platform can be difficult to navigate.

Baidu Keyword Planner

Baidu Keyword Planner is an online tool that helps users buy search ads on Baidu. However, it can also be used for keyword research. This tool will display the volume of searches made for a particular keyword over a specified time period.

Baidu Cost & investment

Based on where you are located, the cost of advertising Baidu can vary from $1500 up to $3000. This includes:

  • Baidu charges an initial setup fee 1000$
  • Your advertising boost 500-5000$ per month.
  • Baidu’s average CPC starts at $0.3-$2, but it varies depending on your industry and the competition.

More information on Baidu cost

Baidu Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Zone and Baidu News Feed will give you better results in lead generation
Western marketers can also benefit from Baidu’s news feed advertising and Baidu Brand Zone.

Baidu’s new feed ads are similar to Google Discover, and can be accessed on mobile devices (essential for China!). This service is discreet and targets the audience, not keywords. There are many ad formats available, including video. You can also choose from CPC or Cost Per Time models. Baidu news feed ads are a great way to increase brand awareness and generate website clicks, particularly among new target audiences.

Baidu Brand zone and ppc branding in china

Baidu Brand Zone allows Western brands to capture search engine results traffic online. The service is paid for by advertisers on a monthly basis in exchange for brand information and adverts in the SERPs. The Brand Zone, which can be used with Baidu PPC campaigns to enhance brand advertising performance, is already used by Apple, British Airways, BMW, Apple and many other large brands.

The product is expensive but offers high conversion rates. AC Nielsen reported that the click-through rate was between 50% and 80%, and that it can boost purchase intent by up to 78% (source: China Internet Watch). This compares to the average Baidu PPC of 1%, which explains why Baidu Brand Zone has a premium pricing.

Chinese users still use baidu services like, Baidu Core, Baidu Tieba, Tongji ( Baidu Analytics), Baidu Brain autonomous driving capabilities (GPS). All Internet companies have connexion with Baidu. Baidu is the strong Internet foundation, the first internet giant. All businesses are putting marketing efforts on Baidu. Any marketing strategy requiest Baidu. Baidu PPC (baidu ads) is a short-term investments. you have to get a Chinese websites 100% Chinese-written. All websites are cash assets and can target Chinese audiences with geographic region. Baidu map allows search function smart transportation.

Baidu Verification to build “trust”

This service will display your company in Baidu search results. Your listing will also have a ‘V” next to it, which indicates that you are trustworthy and reliable. This helps you position your brand in the minds of Chinese customers and also gives you credibility. This is especially important for Western brands that need to establish a relationship with Chinese customers to start a longer sales cycle, such as those in the B2B and Higher Education markets.

Baidu Map

Although you could have done it yourself, it is not possible to do so now. You will need to contact Baidu Maps to register your business, sign a contract, and pay a fee. Listing your business on Baidu Maps will cost you a couple thousand Yuan (a few hundreds US dollars) for a year. It costs 2,500 Yuan per annum to list one business on Baidu Maps. You’ll receive a discount if you list more than one business or sign a 3 year contract. You can either get one listing for 3 years at 5,000 Yuan or three listings for 1 year at 6,000 Yuan. You will then get a page that appears on public maps and looks similar to this page .

Baidu doesn’t allow users to post reviews but aggregates reviews from other sites.

What else can I do with Baidu Maps?
Baidu Maps lets you create your own maps with a flexible API. The simplest way to create maps is to mark your business and then put it on your website.

You can create a custom map that shows many locations in an easy to navigate fashion by using the API. This is great news for websites or businesses with multiple locations such as chains, hotels, group buying platforms, and real estate firms.

Baidu ranks websites based on a variety of factors

High ranking on Baidu is key to getting exposure in China’s digital market. You’ll start to see an increase in your ranking once you learn the techniques that are required to be noticed by their spiders. You’ll be popular in Baidu Search Engine if you keep it simple and follow the rules above.

A website hosting in China is required to start Baidu SEO

Hosting your website in China can improve loading speeds and website authority. However, a website hosted in a neighboring country is fine. You should avoid any google plugging that could make your website appear broken in China. This will ensure that you rank higher on Baidu and other search engines like Sogou.

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Baidu Baike

Officially, Baidu stated that Baidu Encyclopedia Baike is an online encyclopedia. However, it also acts as the information storage space for Baidu’s netizens. Baidu Baike, which advocates equality, collaboration, sharing and freedom in spirit, technically combines search engines with this network platform to meet users’ information requirements at different levels. If Baidu Baike includes the entry that matches the search term in its search engine, it will be ranked higher on the search page.

Baidu Baike has a search engine and an information tool. It is divided into 12 areas: culture, geography, history. art. personalities. economy. sport. current events.

Baidu offers two additional services in addition to encyclopedias: Zhidao (a question-and answer website) and Post.

Administrators review articles before they are published. Registered users edit and write them. Administrators cannot be reached in a formal manner. Registered users can contribute to the Wiki using a scoring system. Official press releases and Baidu Baike pages stated that although the Baidu Wiki was the test version, it was not Wiki.

Differences between Baidu Baike & Wikipedia

Differences between Baidu Baike & Wikipedia

  • The inability to evaluate sources as trustworthy or untrue;
  • Baidu Baike uses censorship in order to remove unwelcome articles. This is not the consensus or voting system.
  • Baidu Baike is a different kind of encyclopedia. Material such as song lyrics are kept at Baidu Baike.
  • Only supports Chinese language

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Further information about Baidu platforms

Baidu flagship app allows users to access its search, feed and content services via mobile devices. Baidu App provides twin-engine search and feed functions. These services are powered by its AI-powered algorithms, deep user insight, and offer a unique experience. Baidu App offers a single login, native-app-like experience with a variety of information and services.

It is built on the BJH accounts, Smart Mini Program, and Managed Page. Merchants also have access to a full range of marketing cloud services. Baidu App’s mobile-spanning ecosystem has led to more users signing in. Baidu App’s MAUs and DAUs reached 544 million and 220 million respectively in December 2020.

Haokan. Haokan provides a variety of professionally produced and user-generated short videos. These videos are often several minutes in length, in coordination to MCNs. Users can upload, view and search Haokan. They can also rate, rate, share with friends, favorite, comment, or follow. Video curators and creators can share their content to build a following and earn revenue share for each contribution.

Quanmin. Quanmin allows users to share and create short videos. You can upload or shoot flash videos, and then edit them using built-in filters, stickers and special effects. Baidu AI recommendation algorithms create a personalized timeline that distributes content.

Internally Developed Knowledge-and-Information-Centric Products

Baidu Wiki. The most popular wiki in China, compiled by experts from specialized fields, featuring high-quality columns, videos, and video such as Encyclopedia of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Digital Museum, Recorder of History.

Baidu Knows. (Baidu Zhidao) A community that allows users to ask questions of other users (professionals, individuals and businesses). Baidu Knows uses Baidu’s search capabilities, allowing users to find the answers they need quickly and efficiently on the Internet. It also allows Baidu Knows partners to interact with users.

Baidu Experience. Baidu Wenku A platform that allows users to share their daily knowledge and experiences, offering practical tips and interesting perspectives on areas such as software, lifestyle and games.

Baidu Post. Social media built around topical online communities. You can upload text, images, and audio content. Users can also reply to original curations, creating valuable discussion groups. Baidu Post is a great platform for celebrities, gamers, and novel readers to discuss current topics.

Baidu Experience is a great tools for SEO , same as Baidu Knowledge, Baidu Encyclopedia baike), Baidu Forum (tieba) Baidu Health Baidu, Baidu Research (univeristy research), Baidu World Baidu; Baidu JDC Baidu Press Releases (media), Baidu search box all all linked to Baidu search engine. in China, baidu is victorm of censor like China Unicom China Daily.

Products and Services for Users

AI Building blocks

  • Baijiahao (BJH Accounts). Its publisher network aggregates photos, videos, short videos, live video, and augmented reality clips, from MCNs, media outlets and other professional sources. These are distributed through search, feed and short video products. BJH publisher accounts grew 48% in the same time period as 2019 to 3.8 million in December 2020. It is used by best Chinese company SEO strategy
  • Smart Mini Program. App developers can share their content and services through Baidu App using popular applets known as Smart Mini Program. Users are now able to search for content and services previously only accessible in Baidu App standalone apps. They don’t have to download or maintain multiple apps. Smart Mini Program was launched in July 2018. It has experienced a large user growth with Smart Mini Program’s MAUs reaching 414 million by December 2020.
  • Managed Page. Managed Page offers website owners a mobile option. Site owners can open an account and use Its tools and services powered AI to engage with users. They don’t have to maintain their site or pay for software, bandwidth, and server costs. The Managed Page is a page that provides users with reliable, secure information.

Baidu Union. Its online marketing service customers can link their promotional links to the Baidu Union partners’ online properties. This includes a wide range of partners such as wap sites, third-party websites and mobile apps. Baidu Union partners such as Internet cafes and online portals embed our products and services onto their online properties. This allows Baidu Union to offer high-quality search results and to monetize their traffic with revenue sharing agreements with us. Baidu Union partners can use our content recommendation system for feed content and ads.

Services and Products for Customers

  • P4P. Customers can bid for the priority placement of sponsored links, and reach users searching for information about their products or services. Its customers pay per click. Customers can choose to buy search, feed, and other online marketing services. They have the option of setting daily allowances to target users in China by geography and to specify the time period. Some of our partners have started to use managed pages and Smart Mini Programs as their landing pages, instead of creating their own mobile apps. You have to know that cash equivalents, cash flow P4P platform ecommerce platforms are complicated in China and stricly regulated. TheseIntangible assets current assets are not well knowed in China by business combinations. all business address are Baidu are agents, a large networks of resellers, small Chinese firms.

    Its proprietary online marketing system is used to provide search marketing services to customers. It increases monetization efficiency by increasing relevance in paid searches and optimizing value.

    Feed marketing services often include image-based and video-based advertising. These ads appear between the feed headlines and within the feed content. Baidu AI powers it to match services and goods providers with the right audience, while optimizing user experience.
  • Other. also offer display-based marketing services. These services are based on other performance criteria than cost-per click. To maximize their return on investment, customers can choose from a variety of its service offerings. BrandZone allows customers display their logo, image, text and video in a consistent and structured manner in search results pages or vertical search products such as Baidu Knows. Programmatic marketing platform allows for the placement of advertisements using standard, intelligent or customized creativity. It also supports different buying methods (guaranteed delivery, real-time bidding) and multiple payment options.
  • Marketing cloud platform. The marketing cloud platform integrates media purchase and CRM functionality. This allows its customers to buy brand and performance-based services, build audience, user engagement, generate leads, and maintain relationships with users by leveraging tools and services powered Baidu AI. Baidu marketing cloud platform allows us to better understand the needs of teir customers and allows their customers to use Baidu’s AI in their marketing to make their marketing more efficient and effective.

Baidu Core–AI Cloud

AI Solutions. Enterprises and developers can quickly access its cloud-based modularized solutions. This includes algorithms, pre-training models, data sets and data sets in the areas of speech recognition and computer vision. Developers and enterprises can improve their products and services with its cost-effective cloud-based modularized AI solution. Although the platform is free to developers, it has been widely adopted and used by its large developer community to improve baidu AI capabilities.  Baidu have direct access to the location of developers and their customers, which allows us to improve its AI solutions as well as to direct baidu investments in AI capabilities that target the industries with the highest commercialization potential.

Knowledge-Graph Cloud Solutions. Its large-scale knowledge graph can be used to pre-train decision models for customers.  Baidu can use big data from its customers to create a systematic knowledge graph. This allows us to develop computing models that can instantly answer complex decision-making questions for their customers.  Baidu can use the vast knowledge graph we have built over the past two decades from handling large amounts of online content to provide different knowledge-graph cloud solutions for specific applications. Additionally, Baidu can develop computing models that can easily be adopted and applied to various industries. A utility company used its cloud knowledge-graph solution to determine how much electricity was needed to power a region of EV charging stations. A retail bank used its cloud knowledge-graph solution to improve credit risk management for SME and consumer lending. And a large enterprise used the cloud knowledgegraph solution to recommend documents to its employees in support of the writing of weekly and daily management reports.

Industry Vertical Solutions. Using its PaaS and SaaS products and knowledge graph, we have created customized AI cloud solutions to their customers in certain industries such as finance, smart transportation, manufacturing, telecom, and media. We have the experience of serving these industry leaders, which allows us to rapidly scale to offer customizable solutions to other companies in the same space. This supports its deeper penetration into these verticals. In the transportation sector, we are the industry leader and pioneer in developing V2X solutions. These solutions provide the infrastructure backbone for smart transportation. They can be used to improve road safety, traffic conditions, and air pollution in cities across China. We won a RMB460million project in August 2020 to assist Guangzhou with its traffic efficiency and safety. Apollo ACE is a transportation cloud that processes traffic data from Apollo MaaS, V2X, DuerOS-connected vehicles, and Baidu Maps. This provides traffic agencies with better information to help improve traffic management, transportation services, and offer autonomous driving services. Guangzhou’s project is a demonstration of their technological capabilities and the benefits of their full-stack solution, which could allow us to attract more contracts from other cities.  Baidu has secured projects in more than a dozen cities, including Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing as of December 31, 2020. Our industry knowledge, including our Mobile Ecosystem, iQIYI and iQIYI, provides valuable insight into how to tailor AI Cloud solutions for customers in the technology, media, and entertainment industries.

Other.  Baidu Drive which allows users to store, retrieve, and search photos, videos, as well as other capabilities like group sharing and data transfer.

Baidu Core–Intelligent Driving & OGI

Intelligent Driving
In terms of test miles and test licenses, Baidu is China’s market leader for autonomous driving. We had 199 autonomous driving licences in China as of December 31, 2020. This is compared to 20 for the second player. Apollo is a well-known research company that names us the best-known autonomous driving company in China. Apollo is an open platform that we believe maximizes their technology’s reach and value.  their Apollo ecosystem now has over 200 partners, including tier one suppliers and strategic partners.

Apollo’s focus on intelligence makes it a complete, safe, secure, and reliable solution. It supports all major functions and features of autonomous vehicles, and helps build smart roads and intelligent vehicles through intelligent transformation.  their portfolio includes a variety of autonomous driving technology infrastructures. Baidu staff have extensive experience in operating and implementing V2X solutions. Our deep learning capabilities and test miles allow us to train models using real and simulated data. This allows us to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of our solutions.

Baidu’s industry knowledge, road and traffic experience, technology, cost advantage, and industry expertise give us strong competitive advantages when driving the development and growth of the intelligent driving industry. This includes Apollo Self Driving (HD Maps (AVP and ANP), autonomous EVs (autonomous driving fleet operation), and Apollo Self Driving (HD Maps (AVP and ANP).

Apollo Auto Driving. Baidu invest in L3 andL4 self-driving technology for automakers to offer self-driving services. HD Maps is able to support L3 and L4 self-driving under Apollo Self Driving. AVP ( their automated valet park) was also introduced in 2018. This allows a driver to get out the car when he or she arrives at their destination. The solution would allow the vehicle’s to autopark and direct it to drive to the driver’s place from the parking lot. ANP (our autonomous navigator pilot) services were introduced in December 2020. These services leverage their autonomous driving capabilities.  Baidu has reached strategic agreements with 10 major automakers to provide their vehicles with HD maps or AVP. Recently, we started accepting orders for ANP services. These products are still in their early stages of monetization, and their revenue contribution to the company is minimal.

Intelligent electric vehicles. Recently, Baidu formed an EV company and entered into a strategic partnership (Geely) with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely), a multinational automaker. Geely, the best-selling Chinese brand of automobiles under the Volvo and Geely brands in the past, will also provide intelligent driving capabilities for the passenger cars.

Apollo Robotaxi. Robotaxi operation is a huge opportunity. The highest level of autonomous driving test license, T4, was granted to us by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport. This license allows autonomous vehicles to drive in complex conditions such as tunnels and urban roads. The public was able to access Apollo’s first pilot program for robotaxis in September 2019 in Changsha (Hunan). Apollo’s robotaxi service is now available in Beijing Changsha, Cangzhou, and Cangzhou. It has also expanded to larger networks and more difficult roads, including downtown streets. Baidu opened the Apollo Robotaxi service fully to the public in Beijing in October 2020. Robotaxi is still in its early stages of monetization, and its revenue contribution to the company is minimal.

Baidu Health
Baidu Health’s mission is to make doctors and hospitals more visible online. This includes live streaming seminars, social accounts and discussion boards. They also have hosted management tools that allow them to stay in touch with patients effectively, such as messaging and appointment rescheduling. Baidu Health helps users to find the best doctor and hospital for their healthcare needs. Baidu AI building blocks allow us to promote an information-to-social to purchase workflow while connecting users with doctors and hospitals to improve their health over the course of their lives. In 2020, peak-day search queries related to healthcare reached 190 millions.

Baidu Health is a comprehensive, authoritative source of healthcare content. It includes information from more than 300,000 doctors and experts. Baidu Healthcare Wiki also aggregates a variety of third-party health and wellness information, both from our AI building blocks and self-produced products like Baidu Healthcare Wiki.

Baidu enable users to communicate with doctors and hospitals across the country through BJH accounts, Smart Mini Programs and messaging tools. They can also continue to access their primary doctor and affiliated hospitals.

DuerOS Smart Assistant.

DuerOS, a smart assistant for Chinese language, is a leader in the market. It powers first-party Xiaodu smart phones and smart earphones as well as third party smart phones, smart watches, and story machines. DuerOS’ multi-round conversation AI capabilities are what make it stand out. They leverage the Baidu Honghu AI chip and DuerOS skills storage, which has over 4,400 skills across a variety of genres including education, video, live streaming, and online gaming. Due to the wide range of skills available on DuerOS, Xiaodu Smart Display has been able to reach an average daily active time span of more than 3 hours per device in 2020. In 2019, Xiaodu Smart Display ranked No. Xiaodu smart speaker ranked No.1 in global smart display shipments, while Xiaodu smart displays ranked No.1. According to the CIC Report, China ranked No. 1 in smart speaker shipment. baidu smart assistant devices are sold directly to our customers and through our distribution network. This generates revenue.

Baidu Maps. Voice-enabled mobile application that provides travel-related services such as route planning, POI search, route mapping, taxi-hailing and real-time traffic conditions information. Baidu Maps had a monthly active user base of 316 million as of December 2020. Baidu Maps offers stable and professional map services to different business sectors.

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