Baby Stroller Market in China 2022

Imagine having a baby or a toddler and not having a stroller!

This small folding chair on wheels is a must have item on almost every parent on the planet.

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In China, as the demands of millennial parents increase, stroller brands are creating items with the most attractive and high-quality designs.

For brands, competition may be high but so is the opportunity.

This quick guide to the Chinese baby stroller market will provide you with the latest market insights.

Why do Chinese Parents spend more on Baby Strollers?

The growing middle class, more disposable income, the fast pace of life, and the increased awareness of child care.. These facts are causing Chinese customers to invest more money in baby products. In China, children’s needs are the top priority for all families. It is a tradition to spend more on children than on families themselves.

What are the latest Trends in Baby stroller Market in China?

Chinese consumers are always in need of advanced and innovative products. Baby strollers are now available in an array of shapes, sizes, features, and functions.It is not uncommon for some middle-class Chinese parents to own multiple strollers for different occasions. Lightweight models are preferred when traveling, solid ones are used daily around town.

Customers in the age group of 6-12 months have acquired the maximum share in the age group segment. They hold approximately 40% of the china market share and are projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% during the forecast period.

What are the International vs Domestic Brands in the Baby Products Market?

In China, the market for infant strollers reached $21 billion in 2020. The industry, having tripled since 2015 is anticipated to continue growing and reach $27 billion by 2023.

International brands are still dominating the baby stroller market in China. Chinese parents trust foreign brands to provide safe and reliable products for their children.In addition, many shoppers prefer the high-end look and feel of international brands. The extra functions that these products offer are also important to them.

Global & China Market Competition by Company:

Combi, Good Baby, Seebaby, Artsana, Newell Rubbermaid, Shenma Group,BBH, Mybaby, Aing, Emmaljunga, UPPAbaby, Stokke, Roadmate, Hauck, Dorel, ABC Design, Peg Perego are the leaders of the baby stroller market.

Popular Baby Stroller Types, Trends and Features in China

Types strollers

Layback stroller: Made for newborns. The baby can sit up or recline back and  take a nap.

Jogger stroller: These frequently include large, fixed wheels that move swiftly.

Double stroller: For multiple babies or toddlers.

Convertible bike stroller: A combination of a tricycle and stroller.

The Umbrella stroller: Light travel stroller that’s easy to fold and take while on public transport or at the airport.

A Pram or A Stroller — Which one is better? 

In the past, prams were designed only for younger babies who were too young to sit unsupported. Strollers were for older babies and toddlers who could sit upright.

Nowadays, most models come with both an upright seat and a bassinet or flat sleeping surface.  You can use it depending on your child’s age and needs.

Latest Essential Features for Baby Stroller Market in China


Most customers prefer strollers that are designed for newborn babies. These can be used for up to 20 pounds. It is important to have a bassinet attachment that can be changed as the baby grows. A reclining seat is also important so the baby can be transported safely.


There are different types of wheels for different parents’ needs. Swivel front wheels are easier to handle, but they may be locked for traveling at higher speeds or over rough terrain. Large wheels are better on curbs and steps, while inflatable wheels may puncture but provide a more comfortable ride.


Brakes are important as they provide security. Some strollers have front brakes – particularly handy on a reversible stroller. It means it can always lock the brakes nearest whichever way it’s facing. Locks can activate and release with feet and prevent bending.

Straps Five-point harness

Padded straps are a must with adjustable length preferred. The straps should be easy to adjust and the buckles easy to use for you, and not for the child.

Reversible handle

For parents, It’s good to have the option of choosing which way your baby faces in the stroller. Newborns need observation while toddlers enjoy watching around

Adjustable backrest 

Some strollers have an upright backrest that can also move to at least one semi-reclined position. Some can be fully reclined best for sleeping. A three-position adjustment makes the stroller more popular among Chinese parents.

Footrest – Front bar 

A detachable bar the baby can hold onto is a preferred feature.A footrest reduces the risk of a baby’s feet striking the ground or getting caught in the front wheel.

Travel systems

Chinese customers with cars prefer strollers compatible with car seat capsules.

Folding mechanism

Parents are looking for a stroller that is simple to fold and unfold with mechanisms that are inaccessible to a baby. 

Stroller/pram bags: 

These accessories come as an extra for moms who need extra storage.

Other features: 

Rain cover for rainy days, storage for carrying things like nappies, baby food, clothes, and handbags. Adjustable height handles are beneficial for short or tall people.

What are the Channels to Market your Baby Products in China?

  • Baby boutiques,
  • Specialty shops,
  • Departmental stores,
  • Online retailers.

Online Retailers and Marketplaces

With the recent pandemic, online shopping for baby items has increased significantly. Half of the mother and baby products’ value now comes from online sales. To meet this growing demand, many Chinese online stores are launching products in collaboration with various foreign companies.


Tmall is China’s largest business-to-consumer marketplace. There are over 100,000 businesses on the site. It’s a marketplace dedicated to selling high-end items. T-mall only works with top brands. As a result, T-mall is China’s most costly marketplace. And it is primary choice for consumers looking for the highest quality goods.

tmall taobao partner E-commerce platform

According to international data analysis firm Nielsen, 51% of mobile consumers for baby products in China shopped on JD’s app. The ratio is expected to be higher in the next few years. This provides a convenient channel for Chinese consumers. They have access to safer and better quality products that are not accessible offline. The firm’s major marketing objective is to partner with well-known and renowned brands. They offer their items at a significant discount from standard rates.

Baby tree

The country’s largest online parenting portal,, was established in 2000. On e-commerce, Babytree has entered into a strategic collaboration deal with Alibaba. They sought to increase consumer services for Chinese families and boost China’s exploding baby product market.

To sum up; 

The Baby stroller market in China is quite dynamic and there is high demand for innovative products. Brands who are planning to expand their business in China must take into account the latest trends and develop their marketing strategy accordingly.

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