7 Secrets to Selling Clothes in China

China is a country that will never cease to amaze us with its ongoing development. Increasingly open to the world. As the most populous country in the world, the figures remain impressive. In this article, we will look at the Chinese textile market and how to get established there. In order to give you a general idea of the market here is some data.

During 2019, the revenue of the Chinese Apparel Market was about 193.855 US dollar. According to this graph, the numbers will continue to increase over the years. Forecasts predict a steady increase to reach 299.241$ in 2024.

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The textile industry is booming. But we must be vigilant because as it grows, it changes.

Noticeable changes are reflected in consumer preferences. As the middle class grows, consumer expectations are increasing. This is why consumers are more inclined to look for quality. The products sold mus, therefore, be adapted to the demand. To do this, a good knowledge of the market is essential.

The Chinese market is a complex market with its own tools. These tools need to be known and mastered in order to establish a foothold in the market.

The Chinese market is a complex market with its own tools. These are the techniques to use in order to acquire a suitable strategy.

1 – A Chinese website

Building a Chinese website is essential for several reasons.
First of all, the language barrier. No Chinese will make the effort to read a site that is not translated into his language.

Then, the visual of your site must respect the average criteria found in other Chinese sites. For this, you can study what your competitors have set up.

You will notice that the way of capturing consumers’ attention is different. There are codes to be aware of.

2- BAIDU the Chinese leading search Engine

BAIDU is the first Chinese search engine. It is imperative that you have a good knowledge of the tool. It is a search engine of the same scope as Google . However it has its own methods of referencing. These methods are called “SEO”, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.*

If you want to sell clothing brands in China, you have better to not be invisible on Baidu.

How to be visible? These SEO methods are specific to each search engine. You will understand that it is essential to know them in order to be well referenced and thus considerably increase visibility. Your visibility is not to be neglected as you have to shape your brand image to Chinese consumers.

Several points are to be known such as the value of meta data. First of all, it is the keywords which are to be chosen with caution. Make sure to highlight your titles as such, the engine will use these words to reference you.

Avoid paid links on the front page as this will lower your ranking. On the other hand, links to sites considered safe are effective. Advertising must also be optimized. Only a few lines should summarize the advertisement.

3- WeChat, the Chinese way to connect

WeChat is an application used by millions of people every day. Thus, it is a real advantage. The application is not just an instant messenger. It has a large number of other functionalities conducive to the development of online commerce.

WeChat allows its users to make discussion groups organized by interest. That is to say, you could build groups made up of a targeted audience. In this way, you could deliver a message with a wide reach to handpicked consumers.

In addition, the application offers the possibility to create “mini-apps”. These mini-apps allow companies to divide activities into several parts in order to create a visual adapted to each one.

These applications can be modeled as you wish. Again, be careful, the visual says a lot about your business, make sure it is adapted to your customers.

WeChat is everything in Fashion, it is a close way to get connected with Chinese fashion consumers.

More details on the WeChat tool via WeChat tips

4 – KOL aka key Opinion leader

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader, they are also called influencers. The Chinese public attaches great importance to KOL. Their opinion is key in making purchasing decisions. Indeed, if the Chinese are suspicious during their purchases, influencers facilitate their decision making. This makes it easier to make an opinion on the product and shortens the time to make a decision.

When it matter to cloth, KOL are super effective. read this publication

In order to establish yourself on the Chinese market you need to get in touch with them. Finding the right KOL is not an easy task. Once you have found the right KOL, you will have to make sure that the image you are looking for is the right one. Beware, a KOL does not do everything! The comments of its publications must be followed up by one of your dedicated employees in order to keep track of customers. read more information about KOL here and here.

5 – Social media in China

Once again, Chinese tools are different. Chinese social networks such as Weibo, WeChat, Taobao and RED/xiaohongshu require special attention. All fashion brands in China, invest a lot in their social media communication, because fashion brands exist in China via their community.

In order for your company to have a good visibility with consumers, your presence on these social networks is required. You must use these platforms as advertising channels. This way your advertising will be seen by all users and your brand image will become bigger and bigger.

6 – Tmall, the leading e-commerce platform in China

When it is matter to fashion in China, Taobao/tmall are the main way to sell to Chinese girls.

Tmall is the Chinese Amazon. Do you know what that means?

It means you won’t be able to live without it anytime soon. As a consumer, of course. But as a seller as well. You have to tame the tool and turn it into a strength. Tmall is a distribution channel you have to use.

7 – Need China Marketing Experts?

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After giving you all this advice, you will find that the Chinese Fashion market is difficult to penetrate.

There are many Marketing techniques to know and master.

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