7 Best Digital Marketing Ways to Reach Chinese Customers

Even if we can use many ways to reach customers, we have to find the best solution according to the market. In China the best solution is Internet. Why? There we can count 600 millions of internet users, 40% of them are used to do shopping by this way. Furthermore, a huge part of them are used to use social medias, so we can’t do without it. Here we will introduce you the 7 best digital marketing ways to reach Chinese customers.

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  • Have a Chinese website and promote it on Baidu

According to the huge numbers of Chinese internet users, it seems logical to have a Chinese website, in Mandarin, .cn and with a well-adapted design. But the most important is not only to create the website but to be able to be seen by customers. In order to do that we have to be aware of the different search engine which is really different than the western (In China, Google is blocked). Here you can see the importance of the different Chinese search engine:


As you can see, Baidu is the most important so our first advice is to focus on this search engine which is the Chinese’s favourite and the most famous.

You can find more information about SEO here


  • Work with Wechat

With more than half a billion people, Wechat is today the most used social network. And Companies understood how it is efficient for a good marketing campaign. Thanks to one account, you can be followed by thousands of users and interact with them really easily.

With WeChat, you can create your community and build a strong relationship with it members. You have to know how to grow your account and adapt your marketing according to it (for example placing some QR codes in your ads can be a good way to attract interested people to the company account).

Then WeChat has a lot of functionalities (for example a wallet which allows the customer to pay with the app or the opportunity to provide a loyalty card to your community…).

If you are interested in how to succeed in a Wechat campaign, click here

Wechat user


  • Don’t denigrate other Chinese social media!

Because Wechat is not the only social media in China, companies need to be present through the other social media. Weibo, which is the Chinese Twitter, has 200 million monthly active users and is one of the most visited websites in China. In Weibo, you can have a page that you have to make attractive in order to give followers a good image for the company. Your content has to be optimized and you have to post at regular intervals. The way to manage a good Weibo page is quite similar than a good Facebook page.

There are other social media, specific for China, like Youku, the local youtube (Youtube, like google and facebook, is blocked in China).

Here, you can find more information about succeeding in social media use.


  • Have a responsive website to propose a service on mobiles

M-business is increasing in China, and people are more and more used to buy online with their phones. More than 80% of the internet users have accessed internet with their mobile phone last year, and 69% of buyers purchased a product or service via their smartphone. Finally, 78% of users think that the design of the mobile website has a huge impact in their buying decision. We can conclude that the best solution is to have a responsive interface in order to have a website optimized for traditional devices (computer) and for mobile devices (tablet or phone).




  • Choose the right platform for e-business

If you want to launch a new business in China, you have to know that the e-reputation is something really important. So you don’t have to make mistake when you will choose your partners. For example, if you want to have an e-commerce platform, you can refer to this diagram to see which player is the strongest.


Here you can see that Tmall is a really successful platform, and Chinese people are used to buy an online product from this system. Then, Tmall allows western companies to reach easily Chinese online shoppers and maintain an important presence in the Chinese market. For more information about Tmall, click here.

  • Have a good online press relationship

In China like in every country, people are influenced by media. So it’s important for companies to build a strong image with media, mostly with online media. The PR is more efficient on the internet because people lost confidence in traditional media because of the censure, online media are free and they allow the user to let comments. To illustrate that with numbers we know that Sina news, which is an online media, has 200 million readers, whereas Cankaoxiaoxin, the most famous Chinese newspaper has only 4 million readers.

  • Be aware of the last Chinese trend

In China, everything goes really fast and if you want people to be interested in your business, you have to adapt your strategy according to the trends. For example, for 2016 the Chinese trend is short videos. More and more people are using the app like Meipai on their phone to make short movies and companies understand that. Now they have to use this new trend in a business way to attract customers. The video is a really good way to communicate because it could be the appeal to people emotions in only a few seconds.


So, to succeed in digital marketing in China, it’s hard and you have to be aware of a lot of different things; from the social medias to the e-business platform, there are a real knowledge to learn. If you have any question or if you want us to help you for your integration of this huge market, you can contact us.

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