5 Facts about Artificial Intelligence in China

While the fact that computer systems are capable of performing tasks generally associated with human capabilities seemed totally surreal a few years ago, the evidence shows that technology and AI development are becoming increasingly important the outcome of this project seems less and less science fiction-like. If the United States is leading the gondola for the development of artificial intelligence technologies, China, just behind, promises to be the industry leader in less than a decade. Thanks to the creation of value, market capitalization, and especially the number of users, China will become a major player in the development of AI in the world.

What are these important points to know about the relationship between China and the artificial intelligence market?

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# 1 China is one of the largest AI markets in the world

China in this market is among the largest economies to contribute to the development of these technologies and has become one of the world’s centers of development of Artificial Intelligence.

The stakes of AI are very important for China because they are the future of economic development. With the one-child policy, China has greatly aged its population that will soon be in an asset/liability imbalance. The development of AI and its potential for a practical application can enable China to continue its development and economic growth.


# 2 The asymmetrical evolution between the West and China

Because China is able to follow the developments made in the West via press releases or other documents in English, the opposite is not necessarily possible, because developments on the Chinese side are not transmitted to the West.

# 3 China makes artificial intelligence a priority for years to come

China is sometimes underestimated in terms of the development of artificial intelligence. Chinese reporters have said that these artificial intelligence giants are actually less efficient and powerful than they say, with less technical algorithms, smaller R&D investments, and so on.

However, China plans to make AI its priority in the coming years, especially with the July 2015 plan, the development of AI in China has taken a turn. After the victory of the IA “Alphabet” (Google), China decided to create its own development plan “Made In China 2025“.

# 4 Made in China 2025: The Chinese Development Plan

MIC 2025 is the plan developed by the Chinese Communist Party with the aim of becoming the first global economy in terms of AI development. This plan is based on three main points:

1- Maintain the pace of development of high technologies until 2020

2- Achieve a major breakthrough in AI by 2025

3- Become the market leader by 2030



# 5 AI in China a control tool

If China invests so much in AI, it is especially in connection with its project of control of the population. Increasingly in the cities of China appear cameras and other tools allowing facial recognition, and thus the monitoring of the human behaviors and masses. China is, therefore, a country full of ambition and spirit of the conquest of the technological industry. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that will allow China to continue its strong growth in technology. Doubts remain about the various ways in which these technologies will be used. This will remain to be seen in the years to come.


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