A successful digital presence in China, is the main challenge for brands today. With an Internet population of over 649 million and an e-commerce market weighing loan $ 300 billion in 2013, the brands do be very successful in their SEO campaign on Baidu. If the SEO / SEM hold no secrets for you  on Google, this is a whole different game on Baidu. Besides, you have no choice in the matter since Google has been completely censored in China.

Is Baidu your friend?

baidu SEo

The very basis of SEO on Baidu starts with a .cn domain name and written in pinyin.

The perfect combo will be to have a brand website in China with a .cn to receive a bonus, or at least not receive a penalty. Indeed, Baidu gives precedence to China mainland hosted websites such over websites hosted outside of China

Does good content writing rhyme with good ranking?

You will therefore understand if the Made In China premium, then your content should be in Mandarin for better SEO. Consider also upstream in search of smart keywords to integrate your content based on research of your target, but also taking into account the censorship. We can not say everything in China!

To move to one of your main keywords, use the meta tags: tittle and description and integrate your keyword in your code!

Remember that once a consumer thinks he will buy a product checker your name on Baidu (legend photo)

Also repeat your keywords in your titles, content to have a clear positioning and SEO on Baidu. You can also bet on backlinks, however you need from this year bet on qualitative backlinks rather than quantitative, related to your brand, your themes.
It is necessary that the sites backlinks are consistent. The idea is not to put as much as possible in order to increase its SEO but rather to use this tool to create quality and intelligent e-reputation!

mots cles chinois

You must think not only quality content but also a qualitative navigation, ie create a truly experiential website but also responsive to the user ( increased use of mobile in China, if the target has not a mobile design that can create navigation concerns for the consumer in the short term does not retry the experiment). 
 Since the different KPIs are included in Baidu SEO, it will be important for your website to have a low bounce rate, number of pages viewed and time spent on the important site … The Internet must stay on your site, go beyond the home page! And he obviously be that going beyond the home page means our home page makes you want. Also be aware that this famous home-page will have a “power” on your most important SEO because Baidu tends to give more importance to the home page and abandon the other pages of the site. And finally it is important to frequently update your website as Baidu takes into account the date of indexing. The more it will decline over time your site will be upstaged.


When the result of the potential appearance of your SEO fierce establishment seems too long or not important enough you can also bet on the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) said paid search. You can make buying banner that will increase your traffic, but also the purchase of keywords (unlimited in the choice of keywords, but be careful to define its target goals, the most used keywords and pay attention also to censorship).

The purchase of keywords will allow you to appear on the first page of the search engine. SEM campaigns will be able to measure CPC (cost per click) or even CPM (cost per thousand).The brand will also be able to invest in Baidu brand area in terms of SEM strategies.

Baidu Brand Zone Louis Vuitton

Baidu Brand Zone Louis Vuitton

Baidu Brand Zone is actually a personalized space for brands, which appears at the top of the page on Baidu, which allows brands to put videos, descriptions, products … This allows brands via keywords to own qualitative area on the search engine, content with videos, pictures, social networks backlink to the brand. This tool significantly increases its e-reputation, however it is very (very) expensive.

Clearly, Baidu while still the leader and the must in a well-designed webmarketing strategy, you need to be careful about what you do. Indeed, after scandal of result manipulation and a PPC 4 times higher than Google, the search engine is definitely not your ally in conquering the Chinese market you wish to target. Therefore you must choose experts to help you find the right loopholes in order for you to have rank well on the keywords related to your company and its offer.

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