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Viral marketing that targets the Chinese internet users must use media platforms that can create fast awareness among them. Since different people are targeted at different times in different websites for different products, platforms like Weibo, JD and WeChat can be used to create viral marketing. Products from brands can be projected to the Chinese audience from these media platforms with an ovation of quality. Brands can use Chinese celebrities to create viral sensitivity that can ultimately lead to huge product awareness promotion.

Chinese Influencers and Key Opinion Leader

The role of influencers in viral marketing of brands can be seen in the importance the Chinese attach to the influencers, especially in community management. Raising awareness from the community level with the participation of influencers in viral marketing will build for brands strong team of product supporters. They have the convincing power among the Chinese community to promote viral marketing by reaching the targeted audience and create the needed buzz awareness for brands. They can improve products visibility in the impressive campaign of viral marketing through buzz mobilization strategy.


The key opinion leaders are versatile tools for viral marketing in the China because of their banner display quality. These celebrated leaders from various prominent professions like advertisement, blogging, tourism and more can stir up viral marketing that the Chinese cannot ignore. They possess incredible quality to create unprecedented awareness among the internet users. Whatever media tool they use from platforms like Weibo to popular banner display and billboard screen, viral marketing of this nature can receive a huge buzz impact.

Content Writers

Professional content and copywriters, native creative Chinese language translators are in position of creating viral product marketing. All that brands need is to connect them to present contents rich enough to penetrate the over saturated internet industry and create vogue of their products. Viral marketing through content writers especially blogging can stir up interest for a particular brand among thousands in the market. These creative writers understand the passionate appetite of Chinese consumers and are capable of bringing desire buzz impetus into brands.

SEO keyword Ranking

The Chinese are always searching for brands with quality image and visibility that can meet their daily needs. High quality and good ranking brands in the search pages of Baidu, Soso, Sogou, Google China and more with product pictures, photographs or video can attract massive Consumers’ attention. Create viral marketing for your brand as the Chinese search through by PPC, PPM, CPC and CPM campaigns, and social platforms like WeChat and watch your brand hitting higher buzz level in China.

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Frequently Asked Question about viral marketing

Why should I choose a viral marketing agency?

The Chinese have a culture to participate in products that are in vogue to create overwhelming awareness. If a brand should make their services profitable in mainland China, the internet sensitization must be very loud, the products must target a specific audience and get to them as planned. Viral marketing is to create buzz, publicity that cannot be ignored by your large audience, patronage of promotion that will be difficult to resist by your target. Viral marketing is a rewarding investment in the China for brands to sell products.

What are your services?

  • We create viral marketing for brands
  • We can connect brands to Chinese best search engines like Baidu
  • Our Press relations online is effective for e-reputations
  • We improve brand image and visibility in the China internet industry
  • We can connect brands to key opinion leaders for banner display retargeting campaign
  • We can generate Chinese lead for brands
  • We provide brands with rich contents

Is Viral Marketing reserved for large groups?

Not at all, any brand can start a viral marketing campaign. The Chinese love the novelty, so the new brands have all their chances.

Is there a big risk of “Bad Buzz”?

No, the bad buzz happens either in case of poor quality product or a disrespect of the Chinese and their culture during the campaign. Our agency knows the rules and customs to respect, your brand will not be subject to bad buzz.

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