Gaining visibility and notoriety is what any company is aiming. Appear on the first place on search engine are the top objectives. To reach such goals, companies need to set up an effective SEO strategy. Here are some tips to succeed in your SEO strategy in China, which is a bit different than the usual SEO by using Google. To penetrate the Chinese market you’ll have to focus your campaign on Baidu, the most used search engine throughout China with a 60% share on the search engine market. Indeed 90% of Chinese netizens make research on Baidu every month.


Write in Chinese

Sans titre

This may look evident, but proposing Chinese content is the key to penetrate this market. First of all, having an English website will penalize you for the referencing on Baidu (Number 1 search engine in China) who will rather favour a website in Chinese than in any other language. You should also be careful of the translate, it should be in proper Chinese and not a word to word translating, which may not fit the requested tone of interaction between a brand and its customers. And it is an understatement to note that the vast majority of people will search for information with their own language first.

To optimize your position on Baidu research you must also host your website on a ‘.cn’ website !


Take in account the different research behaviours


Chinese netizens are more likely to use keywords while, westerners are more likely to do Google research by using full sentences. This is why the use of keywords are less competitive on Baidu than on Google because it is extremely specified.


Find percussive keywords


As said before, Chinese netizens have the ‘keyword’ culture, you should then define a set of keywords, translate them into Chinese and then target those that offer a good compromise between trafic and competition. A very interesting keyword with a lot of keyword search will be less interesting than a keyword with half of the keywords but almost no competition. As would do Google Analytics or Google Adwords you have a similar service offered by Baidu called Baidu Tongji. Thanks to Baidu Tongji, you can observe which words are the most used over a period, it is based on the research made via Baidu search bar.

After shaping your keywords pack you should now use them as many times as you can, in your titles, in your content to optimize your referencing. But be careful on the choice of your keywords, some of them could be censored by the government and your website could eventually be banished from Baidu.

Have a well-though website plan


Baidu’s robots are giving a lot of credit to home pages, this is why you should, first, have a well-informative home page that will contain every essential information. To do so, you should then always manage to give an updated qualitative content and backlinks, the more you take time to update, the more your website will lose places in the search results page.

Take also in account that 80% of Chinese netizens use Internet via their mobile phones, so, don’t forget to create a phone optimized website.


Baidu’s SEM tool : Pay Per Click


SEM may seem the most appealing method at first but will quickly become very expensive, especially with a PPC four times as expensive as Google PPC. So, while on the short run you may be leaning toward a PPC campaign, the most efficient strategy is a SEO campaign that will bring you lasting results where a PPC campaign would stop as soon as you would stop financing it

It is far from easy but you now have the main tools to start your SEO campaign in China. If you want to go for further information about SEO in China, it’s here !

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