Electronic waste recycling to save resources and reduce pollution. Now there’s an app for that!

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has teamed up with Baidu’s CEO, Robin Li, to help people getting rid e-waste products to easily find authorized companies who can get rid of the waste for them legally, environmentally and cost-effectively.
The app’s name is Baidu Recycle 2.0, and is expected to perform very well. Ban ki-moon spoke at the launch ceremony, explaining how the “Data Revolution” is helping the world move towards a more sustainable  future. Ban also waxed lyrical about Baidu’s CSR activities, which can only strengthen it’s reputation as a global leader in Corporate Social Responsability.
“Our technology and Internet platform can contribute to China’s clean development. And that’s exactly what we want to do,” said the Baidu boss, whose company already holds 80% of domestic market.
The meeting with Li was Ban’s first stop on his 5 day visit to China, from the  2nd until the 6th of September. The two discussed topics, such as sustainable development, technology innovation and climate change, among other global issues.
Ban is scheduled to attend China’s V-Day celebrations on Thursday, along with 30 Heads of State and government leaders, which is the main focus of his 9th trip in 9 years as Secretary General.

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