There is no doubt that China is dominating the world of consumer electronics and it is expected to stay ahead in the near future.

China is dominating the world of consumer electronics

The presence of the overwhelming number of Chinese companies in 2017’s CES (consumer electronics show), 1575 Chinese companies participated in this event whereas a number of American companies was 1755. This minor difference of companies clearly indicates the intent of Chinese companies in the USA. They are already outshining USA’s companies in several aspects and committed to rule this market.

Every company among these 1575 Chinese companies are unique but all these companies can be categorized in following four groups.

Type 1, Old Players


This first category is of highly experienced companies which are working in the market of consumer electronics for a long time. These companies usually stick to a limited number of products and try to manufacture them in best quality. These companies include giants like Haier, ZTE, and Lenovo. These companies can be easily identified by their names as they don’t try to give the vibe that they are global company despite the fact they operate in multiple countries.

Traditional Marketing Way !

These companies got fairly big posts at premium spots in the CES. The approach of these companies is traditional and they focus on those products which are already embraced by people and they are willing to buy. The research and development department these companies are not exceptional but they have the innovative culture in their workplaces. Some of these companies are even launched novel services like Huawei launched a special mobile which integrates the Alexa Voice service of Amazon. Similarly launched special speaker which is much better than Amazon Echo.

Type 2, The Global Ones


This category comprises of those companies which try their best to be a global company but their products and language give out their parent country. These Chinese companies are not just focusing on manufacturing goods for other companies but also making their own designs and writing their own codes.

High Tech Products

Most of these companies are operating in robotics and drones market. They are manufacturing a wide range of robots ranging from industrial robots to domestic robots to companion robots. The most famous among these companies is DJI. These company has realized that they have to design their own products to get the competitive edge in this market. The one company of this category which got the attention of other Chinese companies is Xiaomi. This was the first time that Xiaomi participated in CES and its new announcements also disappointed Western consumers of Xiaomi products as the company is not going to focus on the Western market in 2017.

Type 3, Army from Shenzhen


The silicon city of China is Shenzhen as it has hundreds of consumer electronics’ companies and most of the Chinese companies in CES were also from Shenzhen. The number of these companies was not less than 700 in CES. It means army from Shenzhen was representing 50% of Chinese companies in the exhibition and they didn’t disappoint anyone. Most of the companies from this city are manufacturing original equipment and design.

Original Product

These companies don’t just want to manufacture the products. They also want a share in designing, branding, and distribution of different products. It is the best way to increase revenue and value of the company. If any of these companies is making a product and distributing, then it means that product has become a commodity and it is no more an innovation. The electronics consumer market keeps a keen eye on these companies to find out which products are thriving in the market. Some of the products of these companies are doorbell, smart bands, action cameras, smart toys, power banks, toy drones, smart watches, VR headsets, and toy drones. Some of these products are still considered as innovation but in high profile regions of USA and China, these products are just commodities for gadget lovers.

Type 4, The Futuristic Ones


This is the best category of Chinese companies as they always try to develop innovative stuff. The research and development of these companies are very vigilant and working hard to take their products to the next level of innovation.

Innovative Companies

One of these companies is HAX. This company exhibited at least 82 products in CES and one of them was the nail printer. It caught the eye if several people in the fashion industry because this tool is integrating two industries together and looks very promising. Other novel products of these companies are smart pet feeder and WiFi booster for Siri and Alexa voice. There was also a UV device. the main purpose of this device to keep the feet odorless. All these categories can help experts to analyze Chinese electronics consumer companies effectively and learn some marketing and development skills from them.

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