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Marketing in China : a twenty year evolution

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Since 1996, China has evolved dramatically in every sector by retaining her famous cultural dimensions. The former China Twenty years ago, the Chinese marketing area was different then today’s. First of all media prices were cheap. The communications industry was not over regulated and censored by the Chinese gouvernment. At that time, it was almost…


Sogou is also important when you do SEO in China


Sohu is a Chinese Internet company headquartered in Beijing. The company offers several services such as search engine, advertising news, e-mail, and games between others. Sogou is one of the most popular search engine in China. The company revenues come mainly from brand advertising and online games. Companies have the chance to advertise themselves via…


What our SEO Agency can do for you?


SEO is focused to optimize websites on search engines and this is very important to companies in order to be accessible for the potential consumers. We are a marketing agency specialized in SEO and we have a large experience in the Chinese market. Below, please find all the details of the SEO campaign to improve…


5 secrets of Chinese SEO


In China, companies need to be well situated on search engines to reach more potential consumers. SEO in China is a powerful tool in order to catch more customers. In china, 618 million people are internet users which means 46 percent of the overall population. Due the popularity of mobile internet, around 500 million people…