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10 techniques to attract Chinese tourists online


Are you a hotel? A villa provider? or maybe a shopping mall or foreign luxury brand looking to attract Chinese tourists? Here are 10 tips that will help you to attract them, the digital way …. Overview of China’s outbound market and online activity According to Travel China Guide, there were more than 120 million…


Top 3 Chinese search engines (2016)


An introduction to the top 3 Chinese search engines that marketers should know. Online landscape As of July 2016, China has over 688 million internet users and the number is rapidly growing. These figures make the Chinese market appealing for Western companies. Despite the incredible potential, the Chinese market has some unique features that every…


Why it become crucial to use Baidu’s SEO for your business in China ?


What do a Chinese when he search a Supplier ? He will search on Baidu … And SEO, search Engine optimization let your website appear on Results on Baidu…   Introduction and first step Over the year Chinese people get more and more connected and nowadays more than half of the population are on the…


WeChat, one of the best bots

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WeChat , the origin of this new fashion At first, a bot is a conversational program. China is a model for the evangelists of the bot, with the extraordinary success of systems like WeChat. The ChatBot has always been considered the fundamental test of AI capabilities (artificial intelligence). Most bot’s responses are analyzed and corrected…