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Online Shopping Statistics of China

Shopping China

Trend of online shopping has been increased in this decade and people from all over the world to shop online. This shows the interest of the people and their confidence on brands which will deliver them their required and selected items. Companies and countries statistics showing that the people from all over the world not…


Popularity of online food shopping in China


  Amongst the plethora of e-commerce commodities, food products have been a recent addition to the list. While countries like UK and USA are still shaping up their online food shopping platform, China has officially become the world’s biggest online grocery market. China : the world’s biggest online grocery market. The abundance of risks associated…


Alibaba jumps into the VR world


Alibaba jumps into the VR world Alibaba has set gigantic plans about “immersive shopping experience” via Virtual Reality for its more than 400 million consumers. Virtual reality (VR) gained many discussions these last days, as many VR announcements were released by MasterCard, Sky, Playstation …Facebook becoming the owner of Oculus, and finally Alibaba. The big…


The wave of e-commerce in China expands to the countryside!


China is the largest e-commerce market in the world China attracts more and more attention from other countries through the turmoil of the online shopping market, which changed consumption habits of the whole country. In 2014, online shopping transactions in China have increased by 20% per year to reach 12 trillion yuan! Meanwhile, retail trade…