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SEO for China : Why do customers choose us?

Because we are the right SEO firm to hire, based in Shanghai, the financial centre of China bristling with activity for the right people.


SEO Company based in Shanghai China

We adapt our solution according to your needs.

Do you need link removal? Do you want a one time audit? Or maybe you want content marketing? Or is it ongoing SEO that has retained your attention? Or maybe you don’t’ really know. Either way, we are here to design, with you a SEO/SEM strategy that meet exactly your needs and is in agreement with your own target you need to reach.

We also commit ourselves to giving you regular reporting as proof of our efficiency and results. We are skilled at identifying our clients’ needs as our previous clients attests. Our best advertisement is our client‘s satisfaction.

We have already been working on SEO strategies with a number of clients. We have brought each and every single one of them the best service we could offer in order to help them increase their profits.

We think that you have the right to keep your options open and therefore provide you with free quotation and our case studies so that you can see how good we truly are compared to our competitors. Why?

Simply because our clients are more than clients, they are our partners!

As a result we have clients, current or former, that are vouching for us!


If you want to see more of them, go here.

Should you be interested in hiring us we can give you our case studies for you to assess our results.

“We aim to become the champions of our discipline”

Our team of passionate SEO experts continuously improves their knowledge and are result oriented while always providing the best customer services

There are plenty of very unreliable companies out there that spread distrust by  scamming others.

Because we know that e-mail and phone are not enough to get to know one another and earn your trust, we always make sure to meet with you either using Skype or face to face because having a feel of the people you will be working with, is very important.

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SEO Result-oriented

We don’t promise you the moon but we want results, not only for you, our client and partner, but for us as well. This is why we do our best to provide the best results. Ideally, we aim at the first 10 results on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for all the chosen keywords with the first rank in mind for every single one of them as a top objective. We deliver the goal we set together. more information on Services description.

SEO on Baidu : How do we do it?

To make that happen, we learn from our past projects to be better. Then we strategically craft original strategies with out-of-the-box thinking in order to stay ahead of both Baidu and the competition. With this, we ensure to obtain the best results!

Cost-effective solution

Our solutions are cost effective because we want our clients to obtain the best results according to their budget. In addition, with regular reports you know exactly where your money is going to and you can assess our efficiency.

Optimisation of the website : Fast reactions ?

We keep track of the results of the campaign by regularly analyzing our results. Should there be any problem we ensure to be as reactive as possible to prevent any crisis to damage the SEO of our client.

Expert on Chinese Market

We are few in number but all of our members are experts in the field of SEO in a wide variety of specialty ranging from content management to back link or link building strategy. Here, there is no Jack of all trade, masters of none, each and every single one of our members is an expert in his or her field to provide you with the best SEO experience possible.

It is always best to have a smaller team of people who know well what they are doing and do it very well rather than a huge team of people only doing average SEO.

Our team is composed of people who have spent years in China as well as Chinese who have been doing SEO for more than 10 years. We know how the Chinese market is and the Chinese Search Engines behave. Therefore we can design the most appropriate strategies for your brand on this market

Knowledge of Baidu

Complacency is the devil. We are always seeking to further our knowledge of Baidu and the other main Chinese search engines by constantly researching the latest updates about them.

We always stay on our toes to find the latest piece of information about Chinese SEO to keep a competitive edge.

Fresh content

Besides we never forget that each and every single one of our SEO experience has brought us more and more experience. From each, case, success or failure, we learn in order to get even better results the time after that. Why?

Because we want to be the best in our discipline!

Chinese team and western management

We have been a multi-cultural team right from the start which has allowed us to know how to manage two very different points of view to get the best of both and be more efficient.

East and West have been combined in our company to obtain the best blend.

Contact us so that we can see together what we can do for your brand in order to give you the best visibility in China for entering the market of your choice.

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