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We are a Marketing Agency ,  Chinese and French joint-venture with more than 10 years of experience in SEO for China.The quality of our services is based on our profound understanding of the Chinese marketing and internet culture.

Baidu SEO


Baidu is the most used search engine in China, and it is very different from Google. We are able to improve your position on Baidu.


Our methods


Before starting anything we analyse and assess your needs and the quality of your Chinese website :

  • Are there any elements hindering your website ability to rank well in Baidu?
  • Are there any element that could possibly scare away potential customers?

We offer two sorts of Audit :

SEO China se pose la question

SEO audit : Our Seo experts will assess your Chinese website thoroughly in order to pinpoint the elements that may hinder your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Since China has a very distinct culture, our experts, by doing so will drastically improve the chances of your website of geting a good ranking.

Commercial Audit

We check your website to see if there is anything going against the Chinese netizen browsing experience in order to maximise the chances of your content to being shared on Chinese social networks to ultimately improve your SEO ranking.

Structure Optimisation

We make sure your title tags are correctly written. Indeed, Baidu puts a lot of weight into the title tag, indeed, good title tags are already enough to give you a good ranking on Baidu SEO


For the Giant of the Chinese search engines Meta Datas such as Meta Descriptions and Meta Key words

Meta et tag description

We position our strategy according to the most researched keywords on Baidu and what competitors use as well.

The Home Page

This home page is the most important according to Baidu. As such it is of the utmost importance to link a target web page to your home page.

Moreover the links in the headers and footers have to be maximized in order to obtain the best SEO results from this part of your web pages.


A Chinese website in China for Chinese people.

Baidu ranks much better the websites completely in Chinese compared to other languages. Indeed the search engine has issues making the difference between other languages. As such the ideal plan is to have a website in Chinese with a homepage in Chinese should you want to have a chance of appearing on the SERP. To complete the process, you need to have a .cn domain to increase your trust rank.

This is a rare occurrence amongst foreign website since you have to have specific authorization and go through a lengthy paperwork process. We know how to get you such a domain name for your website. This website in Chinese has to be separate from your English website to ensure maximum bonus on Baidu.

Host in China

référencer son site en Chine

As you have understood after reading above, a website hosted in China is compulsory if you want to have a good ranking on Baidu. There is a downside to this. This system of bonus and penalty for website hosted inside or outside China matches the Chinese government policy about information control because it is easier to control a website inside of China than outside. As a consequence some topics are banned.

We cannot stress enough the necessity to avoid topics deemed too sensitive by the Chinese government

Flash and other similar content are out of the question

speed laoding China

Flash, Java and other similar content cannot be read by Baidu search engine spiders that are indexing your website. In the similar logic of partnership between Baidu and the Chinese government, any content the search engine is blind to may host content on topic banned by the Chinese government.So this translates into a penalty or even a ban from the Chinese internet for the concerned website

Backlinks Campaign

Our backlink campaign works as follow

Strategy of getting links :

Baidu prefers the websites with most back links especially those with the most outbound and inbound links toward and from trusted Chinese websites (i.e : Government, newspapers, social networks)

Parameters that do not matter much are :

  • Anchor link
  • URL
  • Origin of the link (except what is written above)

Our tests have revealed that the like button of Baidu is also of no direct consequence when it comes to SEO

Our main battlefield is the links acquisition happening everyday in the Chinese Internet between the scores of local companies and Chinese SEO agencies. We say “no” to spams.

Why is that? Because spamming doesn’t last on the long run and therefore is not really effective as an SEO practice. We want to guarantee high quality results to our clients.

In order to stick to this we spend 80% of our time and budget doing offsite SEO on Baidu

We generally spend 80% of our time/budget “Off site” to guarantee a quality SEO on Baidu.

Content Management


On this one you have to understand the preferences of your two main targets that are Baidu and, of course ultimately your visitors in order to have them buy your services or stay on your website. Besides, it is a positive circle : the more people will talk about your content and share it, the more visibility it will have on Baidu.

What does Baidu want?

  • Regularly updated content
  • Website with a huge number of pages

What do visitors want?

  • Clear content: a visitor doesn’t want to spend ages trying to figure out what you want to say. If it is too confusing he will leave to find the information or buy a similar product elsewhere.
  • Coherent content : Your website has to provide coherent content, for instance if your website is supposedly about Indian food you don’t want to have the content of your website talking about webmarketing in China
  • Quality content : because Chinese search Engine really care of quality or original content now.
  • Regularly updated content. Chinese search engines will give a bonus to fresh and news content.

In conclusion you need to find a balance between quality and quantity so that your content will be shared amongst social media communities such as Weibo or Wechat to in turn increase your SEO


You want to know where your money goes and what the results of the campaign are, right? As a consequence we offer regular reports on the results obtained and the action that were taken and will be taken in accordance with the ongoing SEO performances.

We design a strategy, we adapt, we analyse, we adjust it to improve the performances

Why deciders choose to work with us?


We guarantee the best results

We can target the best possible results. We also set minimum goal to be reached, otherwise we give you half of your money back

Best Rates

Experts, we have the know how to avoid wasting money and only use the budget for the most cost-efficient methods. This allows us to offer you the best rates.

10 years Experience

Olivier, Philip and Luis, the most trained SEO experts in our company each, have more than 10 years of experience in the field of SEO.

Keywords Survey

We stay on our toes to find the best keywords for your line our work in order to have the best visibility possible using the best queries possible.

8 steps to Success in SEO


We aim at bringing you quality traffic to your website for you to have a high asking rate that will in turn translate into a high number of sales opportunities for your sales team to help your company thrive and grow on the Chinese market

We are one of the best SEO agency in China that offers its services at a competitive price!

If you want to know more about what we can do for you do not hesitate to contact us so that we can see what strategy is the most efficient for your brand

If you want to see our reference or get any quote, send us a request for quotation and explain to us a minimum who you are and your project. 😉  

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