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Can you introduce your site and cadeau Maestro talk about his concept?

First of all thank you for allowing me these few lines! Cadeau-Maestro is a gift shop launched in January 2009 specializing in unique gifts.

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 More information about Cadeau Maestro online Strategy

With a physical store in France (Saint-Etienne) since November 2009, it recognizes 2500 references, adds several new features to its catalog every day.

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Cadeau maestro Concept :

The idea is simple: find a gift idea when you have exhausted all our resources usual gifts. We are positioning ourselves as regulars on the gift, who have already offered clothing, jewelry, perfumes, and want to mark the occasion with a playful object, useful or shifted. 8 people are agitated today to live, and help expand into new markets.


sylvain cadeau maestroInterview of the CEO of Cadeau maestro, Sylvain Bruyere


Can you tell us the origin, history and challenges of redesigning your store?

Redesign a website is never an easy task. The redesign was imposed on us pretty quickly when we saw a number of changes had to be made ​​to the site.


For example, we had to start turning the mobile, to which we responded with a responsive design 4 screens. Thus, apart from the size smartphone, tablet and computer, we supplement with a 4th larger size, providing comfort navigation to users desktops. Another example is our catalog fleshed quickly. The previous site was launched less than 1000 products.

We wish to propose 5 times.


So the tree and how to address the navigation had to be redesigned to better navigate a broader catalog. This overhaul was also an opportunity to change the version of PrestaShop, going from 1.4 to 1.5. Among the features that interest us: multistock management, convenient to remotely manage the stock of our physical store and centralize the loyalty system.

The challenge was also to improve the statistics, such as bounce rate, conversion rate, or the average basket simplifying the user experience by providing content tailored to add value and providing a search engine about “gifts”  among the best on the web.


Finally, can you tell us about the results and visible benefits following the redesign? We’re not our first redesign the site, first was conducted in September 2010, so we had to step back vis-à-vis this, knowing the main difficulties of overhaul. It’s been about a month since the site is online. Several observations can be carried out on this short-term Stability of visits. Despite architecture and code rather different markup, visits change only slightly.

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Several drops were recorded on our positions after indexing categories, but I remain confident in the long term, as long as the engine digest it.


We remain still first on the keyword “cadeau.” gift in english



For now, so it is positive. we have to improve our bounce rate. Bounce rate took 10 points after the redesign, which is not nothing!

My analysis: some customers know we do not recognize the site.

cadeau maestro products


It will take them some time, despite an important communication on social networks and via newsletter. Another flaw: we badly organized our products within the categories. The shot has been corrected, which has already helped to return no less than 4 points, which is huge (those trying to improve this indicator include me).


Time management improved !

The upside is that the implementation of several features in the management of gift packages including saves us about 30% of time storage / retrieval. Development of the store. Putting our shop here in our website has already benefited the latter, for all customers who Etienne did not yet know the point of sale. She had no such importance on the previous version.

We are working for now to test several possibilities. We have established a classification of products by relevance somewhat probing and fair proposals similar products, to improve it. Certainly a redesign is complex and always penalizes the moment. However, I am confident of the overall improvement, which will bear fruit in 2-3 months.

Why not redo a whole point after Christmas?

Well it will be with great pleasure! Thank you to you for your testimony, it is never easy to get into a redesign, but the efforts made will bear fruit!

We wish you good sales



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