Online Branding in China

Good image presentation is a prerequisite measure for brands to harvest good sales in China mainland. Online branding in China must be strong to promote brands in China, and make impact. A brand can have huge progress of online visibility by relying entirely on the Chinese internet structures. The Chinese have deliberately structured their search engine to increase inner branding and visibility among the Chinese platforms. This is why Tmall Global international can present quality pictures of products from overseas to Chinese internet consumers to view from China and pay.

Chinese Search Engines

Brands can get more customers or get better online image through branding on search engines. Use search engines like Baidu to break into Chinese internet market with good image and visibility. Online branding is far better within China to view products than the ones outside China targeting Chinese consumers. With the emergence of Baidu, Sogou, Soso, Google China, eTao,  Qihoo360, Tmall and Taobao, branding in China has improved in image, visibility and e-reputations. Brands in China can grow their customers; build product fans and share through repeated visits to their sites for better image presentation. The degree of visibility created by these search engines has made it imperative for Chinese sites to have better advantage. Consequent upon this improvement, lead generation has also led to huge products being purchased by the Chinese internet shoppers.

Social Media in China

Online branding can be effectively managed to promote products within China by using  social media like Sena Weibo, Tencent QQ Weibo, RenRen, Douban, Kaixin, Qzone ,etc These Chinese social platforms have power to improve the image of a brand among the Chinese consumers and increase conversion. These platforms have huge impact on the Chinese internet users all over the mainland. The Chinese internet word of mouth [IWOM] has been another online branding strategy in the hands of key Chinese professionals to promote branding through these social media channels. Online branding helps to define the goal of a business for the target audience, and build their confidence.


Online branding can be very effective by using news as a tool to improve brand image and visibility among the Chinese. The journalists, content and copy writers, bloggers, Quality and creative language translators are the vehicle to communicate the brand intention to your Chinese audience. These contents are presented in quality forms and passed through social media to improve the image of a brand. The Chinese language translators will provide brand content in a unique format to the Chinese internet shoppers in creative presentations. Through the concerted combination of contents presented in news by interviews, newsletters, blog posts, copy writings either through bill board screens, banner displays or social platforms, brand image and visibility will eventually become better.

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