Everyone would like to be successful and get rich by opening his own business, by establishing a presence in China. However, the road is long and full of obstacles. Indeed, settling on the Chinese market is difficult, we must be able to find the right distribution channels for our products but also be referenced in the right channels. The brand is in charge of the product, it must take care of marketing strategies and force the Chinese distributor to focus on sales.

The best way is still to create a network on site while working with local distributors. But how to manage well our Chinese distributors ?

Control your Brand, invest in your Brand ! 

The brand has to spread its image on Chinese websites and social networks to gain popularity among Chinese consumers and to provide the maximum of information on products. The brand has to work on its digital strategies and show Chinese distributors that the product attracts customers in China.

If the mark is not yet installed in China, it can play on this leverage by introducing its product through cross-border trade. Indeed, if the brand has not a distributor yet, it can already start by selling to Chinese consumers thruogh the cross-border and when it will introduce its product to the distributor, he will know that the product is popular with Chinese consumers.

Set goals to distributor

goalsChinese distributor wants to sell products that will profit quickly. They will not sell a product if they know the Chinese consumer will not buy. Chinese distributor seeks a brand with a certain reputation in China. We must therefore propose an easy product to sell. Chinese distributor expects its suppliers to deliver a quality product with good packaging, precise positioning and a good reputation.

After choosing a Chinese distributor, the brand should lead the process. He must ensure that the Chinese distributor remains focused on product distribution. It does not lead to other actions, such as marketing strategies or invest in the product does not fit into his role.

Sales Strategy in China

Increase sales. Chart with keywords and iconsThe brand needs to communicate as much as possible with its sales teams, help them to know as much as possible of the brand. The mark must train its salespeople and make her untouchable sales force: it draws sales. More it will be expanded and more sales will be high. Well motivated, they will sell more. Well trained and well supervised, the more it will make an undisciplined team. More creative it is, the more it contributes directly to the turnover and profitability of the company. The sales force is in contact with the customer and will therefore influence the consumer’s purchasing decision, so it is important for the brand to work on its sales force.

Think long term!

Long terme
Your brand is now installed in China, nothing is won we must fight to stay in the Chinese market. This is why you need to keep your satisfied consumers of your products and loyal to your brand. The best solution is to maintain a good relationship with customers, communicate as much as possible and be in their tracks.
The digital channel is the best strategy to engage your brand and spread the image of your brand among the general Chinese public connected.

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