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Outbound Tour Operators From China

Yes if you read this post. 

12 mainland outbound luxury travel agencies are:

 CITS; CITS Amex (new to list); Ctrip; CTS; CYTS; Aigue-marine, Diadema; H&Htravel; ImperialCnTours; MagicmyTravel; My Tour China; Wild China and ChinaZanadu., HK American Express, Cathay Pacific Holidays, Westminster, Wincastle, Swire Travel … 

China’s young luxury Tourists travel abroad every 4 months, mainly for relax & Shopping

–       Chinese travellers spend average $6,500 on tourism per year and $4,000 on travel shopping

–       Chinese demand personalised experiences, Wi-Fi, and good generation guest services on smart devices as standard

–       Japan France Australia are the top destination for travelling , (France is the most popular destination in Europe and Australia is the top destination for leisure)


How to get Chinese clients ? 

Your way is not right for China. we can send you more information about how to work in China, how to deal with these Chinese agencies, how to make deals and what you should not do . (read more here)

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