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Online Shopping Statistics of China

Shopping China

Trend of online shopping has been increased in this decade and people from all over the world to shop online. This shows the interest of the people and their confidence on brands which will deliver them their required and selected items. Companies and countries statistics showing that the people from all over the world not…


Will This Year of Rooster See The Boost Of Roostered Luxury items In China?

  The market if luxury items are all times peak right now but in China, no one can predict the decline of any market. It is also a well-known fact that Chinese people love their tradition and they tend to show it through their lifestyle. So, this is the year of Rooster as per Chinese…




  Internet censorship in China is serious because of a huge variety of laws and regulations. To start with there is The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television SAPPRFT, this organization control media in the nation and are in charge of censoring anything that goes against the rules. Besides there is The…


The Chinese Food Market


How do brands effectively cut through the competition and succeed in China’s Food & Beverages market? Since the national milk scandals in 2008, the gutter-oil games events in 2010 and the mysterious floating pigs in Shanghai in 2013, Food and Beverage market has been facing huge challenges these few years. Apart from food safety issues, marketing in…


5 Stereotypes of Chinese Tourists that Travel Agencies should know


  You may found stereotyping almost everywhere in the world among tourists especially when they visit from one place to another. The types of stereotypes are different depending on the natures of the people and their living standards. You may see Chinese Tourists everywhere in the world because Chinese people want to visit different places…