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Administrative, stock, launch of the shop, adaptation of strategies … All our advice to start your shop well.

Advertising and marketing

Administrative, stock, launch of the shop, adaptation of strategies … All our advice to start your shop well.

Design of pages

We know the design codes in China, you can entrust us your shop: we will make it attractive.



Well understanding Tmall and JD are essential to succeed, we regularly provide you with an analysis of your results.

JD ecommerce

This E-commerce platform is a worldwide new frontier for cross-border ecommerce in China. It has a large volume of online shoppers in China. Unlike Tmall, JD has greatly impacted in the B2C ecommerce of Chinese consumers, allowing them to shop online directly from overseas. Both internet users and online shopper on this platform are ever increasing in ecommerce transactions. As a B2C ecommerce, it allows brand from overseas to sell directly to Chinese customers leading to conversion rates and visibility. It has a strategic partnership with Tencent just like Tmall for branding. JD primarily sells home appliances, digital communication, computer, household, clothing, accessories, books and food. Millions of shoppers visit the web page every day for transactions. It has fast user experience, quick delivery network and better customer service. JD allows the building of its online storefront; therefore, brands can set up JD online store.  E-commerce is just like a marketplace in China.

Mobile Shopping

With the integration of ecommerce in mobile marketing, JD has explored so many opportunities like JD App, WeChat and QQ mobile. In cross-border shopping, there are two JD worldwide business models: the direct where JD acts as a purchaser, and the marketplace model where brands operate through JD store platform and pay commission.

Integrated Market Entry Solution

JD online platform accepts brand for market entry strategy and analysis, financial planning, product offering review, joint marketing plan and access to their project team. This strategy can boost ecommerce advertising image. Other key ecommerce advertising areas are mobile phone brands, mobile commerce that has become a strategic sales channel for payment solution, smart business with Smartphone applications and mobile payment in China.

Tmall E-Commerce

Tmall uses a unique strategy called integrated search ecommerce through mobile App and mobile ecommerce websites to promote sales. Brands can advertise their products on Tmall Homepage or promote shops by using train [CPC]. Brands can also advertise services by posting it on Taobao forum, or send the latest catalogue to your customers by email.  Most Tmall online transactions today are viewed with mobile smart phones directly from the websites. Tmall has two main ecommerce marketing strategies: Tmall stores and search engine result SEO keywords ranking from Taobao.

The flagship store is where the merchant of the brand can operate or any other authorized by the brand owner.

Authorized store is where the merchant has authority to sell products from one brand, or authorized to sell multiple brands within the same entity.

Specialty Store is where products to sell are either from authorized merchant or another brand. Brands can sell products from two or more services that merchant owns on this arrangement.

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Frequently Asked Question about Ecommercce in China

Why should I open an online store in China?

E-commerce in China has consistently risen among brands in the Chinese internet market. This strategic online marketing covers SMS and mobile marketing, Mobile App, digital marketing, banner display marketing, billboard screen marketing, content marketing and media marketing on the Chinese internet.

Can my products be shipped outside of China?

Yes ! Tmall and ships out of China. JD represents 20% of its turnover, which is worse than Tmall but remains quite honorable.

Is it easy to open your store on

Much more than on Tmall! However, primarily concerns electronics. It gets up very interesting if you market this type of product but if not, it will be necessary to turn to another platform!

What is the main advantage of GMA?

Merchants or retailers are allowed to present products.

It is an opportunity for brands to promote their products on this ecommerce platform.

Merchants have the opportunity to promote their products on Tmall official promotion campaigns.

Merchants have access to transactional and promotion management, logistics, tools and more.

Highly satisfied stores will get competitive store rates from shoppers depending on the speed of delivery, product quality and efficiency.

We provide brands services in:

  • Tmall and JD registration process
  • Mobile marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Lead generating for Brands in China
  • Press Relations and E-reputation
  • Design and hosting of Websites


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