Millions of followers and around 100 thousands of views

In China, Fashion Bloggers are the number one critics of fashion industry. They communicate assessments and opinions of creative fashion trends and celebrities outfits.

Brands invest on Chinese Opinion Leader

When we talk about Chinese blogging market (yes, it’s a market), the proportions are bigger, we are talking about millions of followers and around 100 thousands of views and likes per post. Luxury brands understood that, word of mouth in china is crucial for the branding/ e-reputation process and are now commissioning Fashion bloggers to publish comments on celebrities that wear their collections or to simply promote their products.

Here are some of the top Chinese fashion bloggers:

Mr. Ji Liang

Mr. Ji Liang

Stylist to a long list of famous Chinsese celebrities, Ji Liang has a great experience in the industry. He is considered as one of’s top 10 most-influential fashion KOLs (key opinion leaders).

Mr. Ji Liang, also known as Mr.Kira, is a writer, an editor, a radio DJ and a fashion critic. He is very active on Weibo and WeChat as well and in 女人志 (, a lifestyle website.

He’s posting a list of professional comments on international fashion shows such as Gucci’s Spring /Summer 2017 collection or Valentino’s Fall /Winter 2017 Men’s collection.  He’s even doing critical works upon magazine’s cover pages, latest films or even Chinese games.

His posts are earning him more than 2 million followers.

Weibo: @吉良先生

WeChat: @mr_kira_xoxo

Mr. Bags

mr bagg

The Chinese Handbag Guru is filling a niche in china’s big fashion blogging world. Mr. Bags, whose real name is Tao Liang, did also design consulting for brands like Strathberry for a spring line of men’s totes.

He was ranked third on the list of Top 10 Fashion bloggers in China by Exane BNP Paribas, that is due to the more 2.7 million followers on Weibo. His WeChat articles have achieved more than 100.000 views since February 2016. Mr. Bags amassed nearly 1 million views for the 2016 Valentine’s Day post.

An extraordinary thing is that Givenchy worked with him to design a special edition for Valentine’s Day called ‘’Mini Horizon’’ handbags, they gave his WeChat followers exclusive access to purchase the bags, and he sold out 80 handbags within 12minutes.

Weibo: @Bags包先生

WeChat: @bagsbaoxiansheng

Thomas YE Si


Nicknamed ”Gogoboi”, Thomas YE Si is definitely among the most influential luxury fashion bloggers in China. Gogoboi have more than 7 million followers on Weibo and more than 100.000 views per article on his WeChat. Louis Vuitton, Dior, Furla and Cartier have all commissioned Ye to promote and talk about their products and to publish comments on their collections worn by celebrities on Social Medias.

2016 is the year where Ye moved to whole another level, from fashion blogging to setting up his own channel on Youku, Chinese YouTube-like-platform where he’s doing interviews with Chinese and international celebrities.

Thomas YE Si is best known for his cutting critiques on outfits of celebrities.

Weibo: @gogoboi

WeChat: @realgogoboi

Becky’s Fantasy/Li Beika:

becky's fantasy


Fang Yimin, best known as “Li Beika/Becky” in maintaining a WeChat public account under the name of “Becky’s Fantasy”. It’s among the best WeChat accounts Chinese consumers follow to seek shopping and fashion tips. Becky’s Fantasy features products ranging from mainstream luxury brands to little-known high-quality labels. Li’s targeted audience on her WeChat public account is women of middle and upper income class, and the content shared is mainly about how and where consumers should spend their money. She also worked with Jo Malone, Gucci, Chanel and many others.

Li recommended once an Italian handbag brand which was not very known and has only one store in Chongqing (southwest China), it doesn’t took long for the brand to see skyrocketing sales growth.

WeChat: @Miss_shopping_li

How to deal with this influencers ?

Usually Brands use Digital Agency to connect with these online stars

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